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SHIM Releases Sock Parody Video / Playing ROTR This Sunday

Platinum recording artist, SHIM has released a new single, “Hallelujah” on BFD Records.

“Hallelujah” marks the beginning of a new journey for Shim as a solo artist. Millions of fans worldwide connected to his songwriting, spirit, and soul across four full-length albums as founder and lead vocalist for Sick Puppies. Following his split from the group in 2015, the Australia-born singer, songwriter, and producer, made a couple attempts at collaborating again, but all signs told him to write on his own.

Back at square one, Shim transformed the bedroom of his L.A. apartment into a makeshift recording studio, and produced and engineered what would become the boldest anthem of his career, “Hallelujah.”  Shim says, “Hallelujah is all about digging yourself out and starting the work. I had no idea what my destination would be, only that I had to keep moving forward.”

The video accompanying the “Hallelujah” features Sock Puppet Parody, known for paying tribute to iconic bands featuring their undergarments. “It was so humbling and fun to work with Sock Puppet Parody,” Shim says. “I was already a huge fan of their stuff, and they really invited me into the fold of their weird little club. It was the most fun I’ve ever had on a shoot.”

SHIM will be performing at Rock on the Range this Sunday, May 20th on Zippo Encore Stage @ 12:20pm.

“Hallelujah” is off to a great start at Active Rock Radio, with adds on Music Choice, WIIL in Chicago, KMKO (MN), KWHL (AK), WRXQ (IL), KILO (CO), KDDX (SD), KIWR (NE), KGRR (IA), WBYR (IN), WECL (WI), KHTQ (WA) and KEYJ (TX)


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Instagram: @shimmusic

Twitter: @shimmoore

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