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Review- For King and Country Was Great and Skillet ROCKED // Daily’s Place Amphitheater // Joy UNLEASHED Tour

Skillet’s aggressive, distortion-heavy Christian rock has earned the band a legion of young fans who identify with their edgy, modern take on faith-based music. Skillet and their friends For King and Country brought their high energy show to Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida and raised the roof and hands for many in the packed amphitheater.


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The energy was amazing, the production electrifying, and the powerful talent from both For King & Country and Skillet were above expectations. These musicians and singers brought it all to the stage…and gave their audience a fast-paced, God filled celebration. I am in my 40s and worried about the loud sound, especially in the close-up seat where I was next to the peninsula portion of the stage…but it was tempered just right! Great duo of Pop and Rock! Plus the added introduction performance by Ledger was on the same level of wow!!

Don’t be turned off by a Christian rock band. Anyone who likes rock will love this show. I absolutely loved the concert from beginning to end! What an amazing time I spent with family! The performances from the artists to their talks and the interviews they conducted before the show were incomparable! I’m so happy I was able to go & see them LIVE nearby too! I’m glad Skillet & For King & Country were able to unite under one roof to display such an amazing concert!

Jen Ledger was amazing. So proud of her stepping out. Her opening up like she did about her anxiety really touched me in a big way.
For King and Country was amazing! First time seeing them. I was really impressed at how great they were! So much fun too! Great light show, they were just SO great!!!
Skillet, well, they are always AMAZING!!!


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