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Kamelot, Delain and Battle Beast bring a explosive energy show at The Grove of Anaheim

 31444859_10155723747153003_3043730785942110208_oKamelot is on tour with their 16th album Shadow Theory performed a 90 minutes and a total of 14 songs on May 5, 2018 which has One Human Lauren Hart on growls and vocals who is on the new album. First song of the show is the new song “Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)” with Lauren Hart doing the growls.  When she is not growling and singing her vocals has a smooth texture as on the song “March of Mephisto”.

The current lineup is Thomas Youngblood (guitars), Tommy Karevik (vocals), Sean Tibbetts (bass), Oliver Palotai (keyboards) and new member Johan Nunez (drums).

During this tour, they are filming their shows for a live DVD that will be the extra footage with the bulk of the show being filmed in Belgium.

Some of the other songs performed were Rule the World, “When the Lights are Down”, Here’s to the Fall. One of the highlights of the show was “Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)” that featured Charlotte Wessels of Delian & Lauren Hart with a guest appearance by Dragonforce’s Herman Li. The encore was  “Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy).

Before Kamelot was Delain who have devoted fan base performed 45 minutes that included songs “Suckerpunch”, “Hands of Gold”, “The Glory Of The Succumb” and “We Are The Others”.

With current members Martijn Westerholt (keyboards), Timo Somers (guitar), Merel Bechtold (Guitar), Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije (Bass), and new drummer Joey de Boer.

The first band on was Finland’s Battle Beast that is Noora Louhimo (vocals), Pyry Vikki (drums), Joona Björkroth (guitars), Juuso Soinio (guitars), Janne Björkroth (keyboards) and Eero Sipilä (bass).

Who gave an  explosive performance from start t finish of seven songs that included “Straight to The Heart”, “Bringer Of Pain”, “Beyond The Burning Skies”, “Bastard Son Of Odin” and “King For A Day”.  Noora’s on stage presence strong energy.

This band had positive feedback from the audience. No doubt they will be back for more shows across the North America and maybe as headlining some shows of their own.

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