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Live Review- STYX was on “The Mission” at St. Augustine Amphitheater with Don Felder 4/13!

STYX is on The Mission to bring the best rock show they can to their fans, and that is just what they did in St. Augustine Florida this past Friday. Friday the 13th is usually a bad day for some, but it was one hell of a good day at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre for many STYX and Don Felder fans, and they packed the place to rock it like it was the 70’s again.


Don Felder hit the stage first and came out swinging with 15 songs set the amazed the crowd and hand them on their feets from start to finish. You just can’t sit in your seat for a song like “Already Gone” that started the show off with raving cheers and screams from the crowd. Don still has that energy and played to the crowd no stop as he and the band masterfully went thru many of your favorite Eagles songs and pepper in some originals from other artists like “Heavy Metal“, ” Pride and Joy”( Stevie Ray Vaughn), and “Seven Bridges Road” by Steve Young. The mix of the Eagles and the originals were perfect and the fans responded with huge applause, especially with the closing song being “Hotel California”, Which had a surprise guest of Tommy Shaw of Styx coming out and helping to end the show with an Epic performance!!


The crowd got all warmed up from Don Felder, But it was about to get HOT with STYX !!



A buzz was in the air and on stage as the fill music between band lowered and the lights on the stage lite up. You just know something magical was going to happen for the next couple of hours, AND IT DID!!

STYX hit the stage with the new track off the new album The Mission, “Gone Gone Gone” to set the stage for the crowd standing, cheering, and dancing in the seats and isles for 17 straight songs. From the first note to the last STYX had the fans glued to the stage and Rocking out to song old and new. “Blue Collar Man” is inevitably a song that you know once you hear the first few notes, and one those notes were dropped on stage, the crowd responded with thunderous cheers and hand in the air. But it just wasn’t this one song that got that reaction is was many thru out the night. What was amazing was the fact that songs from the new album “The Mission” blends so well in with the classic STYX songs from old. If you get a chance pick up the new album!

The night wouldn’t be a Styx night without the classic and boy did they play some great ones, “Lady“, “Crystal Ball“, “Fooling Yourself“, they end the show in grand style with “Rockin The Paradise” and “Renegade“. This show is such a breath of fresh air, that just builds and builds to one of the most loved shows for all ages.

STYX is a band that is just timeless in their music, they bring the young and the old together to listen to real music that matters and just puts a smile on your face …as well as give you memories for a lifetime.


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