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Live Review- Bon Jovi ” Rocks Them All” at Amway Center!

Live Review- Bon Jovi ” Rocks Them All” at Amway Center!

Bon Jovi brought the “This House Is Not For For Sale” tour to Orlando Fl. at the Amway Center on April 18th and Rocked the place like only they know how!!



Global rock icons and newly announced Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2018 inductees Bon Jovi have announced the spring leg of their This House Is Not for Sale Tour. The run will kick off in Denver, CO on March 14 and conclude May 14 at Capital One Arena in Washington, DC. The tour stop in Orlando Florida a few days ago and the guys blew the minds of many thousands of fans that attended.


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The show started off with a band that won the shot to open the show, Kings County from Orlando Florida. The Bon Jovi crew has been doing this throughout the tour this year and last year. It is so cool that they are giving a chance of a life for smaller bands to show a bigger crowd what the band has. The guys really rock their set and show the early Bon Jovi fans, and I’m sure a lot of their friends and family the big rock start stage life! They sounded great and they worked the large stage like they have been doing it for years. Kings County has it, they are going to go places, and getting out there to a huge audience like this, it is only going to go up after their showing.

The Amway Center was a buzz and the Bon Jovi fans were packing it in the venue from all sides and front to back, They even packed fans in behind the band and stage, this right here tells you how amazing the band is that people would pay money to see the back of the band for a lot of the show, but they knew how magical this night was going to be, and they need to be apart of it. That magic started at 830 sharp and went on for over two hours.

The light dimmed and everyone knew what was going to happen, and they rose to their feet and I don’t think they ever sat down for those two plus hours. The show started off with the title track off the new album “This House Is Not For Sale” to a ragging applause and people jumped out of their seat. The band played behind a transparent screen for a few, and the hammer dropped as well as the screen and the show of a lifetime kicked off.

Jon and the guys played their way through a 21 song set that had the Amway Center rocking like it has never been rocked before. They masterfully weaved their way through songs like fan favorites ” You Give Love a Bad Name“, that got the crowd singing and dancing in the isles, “Born To Be My Baby” with the crowd out singing the band. The band mixed up the songs of old and new perfectly, hitting each one in stride. One of the most memorable times is the show is when Jon took to the audience and made his way to a small platform in the stands and performed an intimate couple of songs “Amen” and  “Bed Of Roses” with some super excited fan that got an up close a personal show right at the feet of Jon. This kinda stuff just show everyone just how down to earth and awesome this band is and how dedicated they are to their fan and how much they appreciate them. The fans give them all that love back and more while they perform for them.

The night ended in with three EPIC old school Bon Jovi songs that raise the roof and had the crowd sings louder than ever, “Run Away” and acoustic of just Jon singing “Wanted Dead or Alive” ..well not just Jon, maybe 20,000 plus help him out a little bit. The final song was “Livin On A Prayer“, one of the biggest hits then and now! The night ended just like it started, the energy of the band and the audience was on fire!!

One of the best shows I have seen in a long time… Bon Jovi still has IT!!


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