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Concert Review- All Time Low packs the place with Young Renagades!!

Mavericks Live in downtown Jacksonville was packed to the gill with Young Renegades fighting at the chance to see All Time Low up close and personal at a smaller venue than they would normally play at, and boy did they take the chance and deliver. The place was packed for the early start to the all-ages show, The came in droves to see ATL as well as their special guests Gnash and Dreamers.

All Time Low is out on “The Young Renegades Part II” Tour starting out in Fort Wayne and ending int Chico Ca. Jacksonville being the 4 stop on the tour, the guys were just getting warmed up and was hitting on all cylinders. They came out swinging with “Somewhere in Neverland” and backed it up with “The Irony of choking on a Lifesaver”, The fans were so into the show and singing the songs, Alex almost didn’t need to sing a tone at all, Alex would throw the mic in the air and the crowd would respond with getting louder in their singing…It was magical!!


The Renegades continued energizing the band from the front of the floor barricade all the way to the back. Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson, Zack Merrick rocked the place out to “Life of the Party”, “Young Renegades” and ended their set with afterglow that the place went nuts over, but that wanst the end of the show, the guys had a few more songs up their sleeve, that the crowd wanted more and showed the band they were not going anywhere any time soon.


So with the place on fire with energy and the band crushing every song they played, they came out to end the night with “Good Time” and ” Dear Maria, Count Me In. Mavericks have never sounded so good, the best part of the night was seeing all the smiling faced in the audience as they sang every song with hands in the air. The crowd was everthing you want to see as a band on the stage looking out, you can tell the band was having so much fun that they didn’t want to leave with it had to end sometime.

This was by for one the most successful shows I have seen at Mavericks in a long time, and it just goes to show that if you get the right band in, you are going to get the right crowd in that make the show you are never going to forget and this was one of those shows.

So, If you get a chance to see one of the last few stops on the tour, don’t make a mistake and miss this show, you are going to leave wanting more of All Time Low.



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Concert Photographer at heart, Love listening to music and going to shows to try to capture the magic on the stage with my imagery.I also review albums and live concerts.

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