Interview- Kobra Paige Of Canada’s Kobra And The Lotus Talks Prevail II !!.. Out 4/27 !!


Kobra Paige – Vocals
Jasio Kulakowski – Guitars
Ronny Gutierrez – Guitars
Brad Kennedy – Bass
Marcus Lee – Drums


Kobra Paige and her motley crew kept their word and now they deliver the second part of their opus magnum one year after the release of Prevail I! Prevail II is the proverbial yang to the yin and continues right where Kobra And The Lotus left off in 2017.
 The opener ‘Losing My Humanity‘ is an exemplary melodic feast of both guitar and vocal craftsmanship that anchors the Canadian five piece firmly in between hard rock and heavy metal with a modern touch and the occasional classic rock! The catchy ‘Let Me Love You‘ is another brick to this massive wall of sound, but a solemn intermezzo like ‘Ribe‘ and the elegiac ‘White Water‘ attest to their musical virtuosity lending taste to the vulnerable and emotional side of the band.
Kobra And The Lotus know perfectly well what it takes to cater to the needs of hard rock and metal fans in 2018 without losing touch with the essential roots (just check out ‘Modern day hero‘)! ” It was an immensely challenging experience but it pushed and pulled the best out of us“, comments leading lady Kobra. Who could argue with her on that one?
Ignite Music Magazine had a chance to sit down with Kobra Paige and ask her a few questions about the new album and much more!….


27709774_1389240971181253_8059205124796272411_oSinger Kobra talks about some of the new songs and that most of the songs written for both albums were on electric guitar and the album covers for Prevail 1 and ll.

IMM: For Prevail ll the songs were written and recorded and originally released as a double album. The new label (Napalm Records) decided to release the albums (Prevail 1 and ll) separately.

Kobra: It was a good decision.

IMM: Were the songs tweaked for the second album or kept all the songs original?

Kobra: No not at all.  It is important for me that the songs keep their authenticity when they were created that means with the intention when they were created and keeping the integrity of the project as one body of work. Nothing was touched and that’s how we rocked it.

 IMM: Where were the albums recorded and who produced them?

Kobra: They were produced by a Danish producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Epica) and we were living at his little town Ribe in Denmark for several months. I was there for three months and the guitar players were there for two months. Bass and drums were over a month so we spent a bit of time there. It was very cool and they wouldn’t speak English all the time when we were working them. He and Martin was also co-producer on this album. We weren’t expecting Martin but he was amazing and was the little secret weapon Jacob had. Martin is a Danish singer and songwriter and he taught us a lot in the studio working on the new sound and carrying forward, also adding and changing.

IMM: For the song “Let Me Love You” is also an acoustic bonus track on the album.

Kobra: Yeah we did, the purpose of that is to show the demo version because is significantly changed in terms of song writing.  The acoustic version is the demo and was written by me and Jake Dreyer (Iced Earth) and then we really went on to work the hell out of the melody and the guitar in a significant way and formed the heavy version and that was the plan to make into a heavy version. But after it was done I really wanted to put the acoustic version on the album to have people hear. The collaborators are different.

IMM: When songs are being composed start off acoustically?

Kobra:  Many do for sure, but this one stuck out acoustically and I was attached to it being on there as its original self still. Most were done on electric guitar. The song “Heartache” was done acoustic was created organically in the studio and no real demo for that. There were layers and layers in the studio were putting together off the floor.

IMM: And also includes the songs on the first album too?

Kobra: Yeah, Yeah exactly! The songs were prepared with going in the studio are “Prevail” which is intact and what it was. “ Hell On Earth” was the whole song how it was and the other one was “Light Me Up” and that one was fully re-written and recorded, mixed and mastered by Johnny Cage at Chicago. And that was first hard rock test song. We were integrating this hard rock song with heavy metal. Then we recorded the whole song over again in Denmark with Jacob and sound quite different but the writing was done by myself, Jasio and Johnny Karkazis (Johnny K, is a producer/engineer/mixer/musician and songwriter).

IMM: One the songs “Velvet Roses” and “White Water” the messages from those?

Kobra: Velvet Roses is about having deep patterns that keep running through your life and how you keep doing the same things over and over again. Having scar tissue from all the obstacles you have gone through and how those operate your life down the road and moving forward and recognizing them and not letting go of your pattern. That’s why it says: “You know I look back to the places in my past where the scars begin to set in stone, I wore them like a compass, why can’t I let them go.” Then it goes into free like free falling and that’s the chorus. “Letting go, letting go of the past.”

IMM: And “White Water”?

Kobra: Is about a loss, about grieving inside white water. I really feel people to need to take these for their selves and put their own story into them. The lyrics defiantly speak of grieve and losing someone to death, but losing them to illness or losing them as a relationship in your life. And maybe reflecting on what you like to do or embrace more of the good things of that person before that time was severed. Then it goes into a second part of the song and the song shifts. It is more like two songs in one. The second half is just universal message about everyone wants to be seen, truly seen for who they are and how love is so important.  And that’s where it ends.

IMM: You also cover Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”. Is that a song you wanted to cover?

Kobra: That was fun to do (Laughs). One is I love Fleetwood Mac and I wanted to cover it. And secondly we needed a perfect closer for the Prevail series and I love that message of never break the chain. I put a darker spin on it and I twisted their words a bit for what was trying to say and the words were perfect for it. And was fun to do that people weren’t expecting from us to step outside the box a little bit. And people will find is that is suited us and drastically change this cover and I think there is a lot of people who would never know right of the bat that this is a Fleetwood Mac cover when they are listening to it and nobody said anything.


IMM: On the album cover designs what do they represent?

Kobra: The first one is representing a human at its birth at its purest moment and I still think it is still there. That we get buried under experiences that shapes us. That the Mandala (Sanskrit meaning cirlce is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe) is representing us, that wholeness, that beauty and intercity and vibrancy, also a circle that represents life and I love that, that circles are powerful circles. And when you move to the end of Prevail 1 and you see the Mandala gets darker and opens to more stuff. Prevail ll starts darker that’s supposed to be a person after they have experiences in their life after some time. There is still this fire underneath and within but a lot more shit that has gone on with it. It is still beautiful and is carrying baggage. Then when you go to the back of Prevail ll, it ends with a really beautiful clean and clear blue and white Mandala again. So it is to represent it is still there. And some of the songs touch on this to. Even “Velvet Roses” has that positive spin in it that has that desire to grow past the patterns and to not to run your life. So that is the basis of it. I love Mandal’s. I am attached to that idea of the life circle and getting filled into the details. That is how people are to me with different stories and different experiences. Everyone is so interesting actually.


Tour dates:

w/ Texas Hippie Coalition
19.04.18 US – Salt Lake City, UT / Metro Music Hall
20.04.18 US – Denver, CO / Herman’s Hideaway
21.04.18 US – Colorado Springs, CO / Sunshine Studios Live
22.04.18 US – Kansas City, MO / The Riot Room
25.04.18 US – Johnson City, TN / MarX The Spot
26.04.18 US – Atlanta, GA / The Masquerade
03.05.18 US – Lousiville, KY / Trixies
05.05.18 US – Winchester, VA / Blue Fox
07.05.18 US – Providence, RI / Alchemy
08.05.18 US – Watertown, NY / Exhibition Hall
09.05.18 US – Rochester, NY / Montage Music Hall3e
10.05.18 US – Clifton, NJ / Dingbatz
11.05.18 US – Brooklyn, NJ / The Kingsland
12.05.18 US – Harrisburg, PA / Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center
13.05.18 US – Warrendale, PA / Jergel’s Rhythm Grille
15.05.18 US – Cleveland, OH / Agora Ballroom
16.05.18 US – Flint, MI / The Machine Shop
17.05.18 US – Joliet, IL / The Forge
18.05.18 US – Battle Creek, MI / The Music Factory
19.05.18 US – Sturtevant, WI / Route 20
20.05.18 US – Saint Louis, MO / Fubar
23.05.18 US – Seattle, WA / El Corazon
24.05.18 US – Portland, OR / Hawthorne Theatre
25.05.18 US – San Francisco, CA / DNA Lounge
27.05.18 US – Los Angeles, CA / 1720
30.05.18 US – Phoenix, AZ / Marquee Theater
01.06.18 US – Fort Worth, TX / Rail Club
02.06.18 US – Houston, TX / Scout Bar
03.06.18 US – Austin, TX / Come And Take It Live

08.06.18 ES – Spain Portugalete (Bilbao) / Groove Club
09.06.18 ES – Vigo / Transylvania Club
10.06.18 ES – Madrid / Sala Caracol
12.06.18 FR – Montpellier / Secret Place
13.06.18 FR – Nancy / Chez Paulette
15.06.18 CH – Wetzikon / Hall of Fame

09.08.18 ES – Villena / Leyendas 2018 Festival

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