Interview – German Symphonic band ‘Elvellon’ Talks to Ignite about New Album “Until Dawn” out 6/1!


German Symphonic band ‘Elvellon’ is getting ready to release their new album “Until Dawn” !!

Ignite asks them about it and much more….

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The band: Nele Messerschmidt (Vocals), Gilbert Gelsdorf (Guitar), Maddin Klüners (Drums and Percussion), Pascal Pannen (Keyboard/ Piano), and Philipp A. Kohout (Bass).


They are ready for the world to hear now that they signed their first record deal with Reaper Entertainment Europe during 2017. Their new album Until Dawn will be released on June 1, 2018.

In early 2013 the band began an intense working phase, the fruits of which were shown in November of the same year in front a big live-audience. The response was so overwhelming that the band put all the gained motivation into the creation of their first CD. After the release of the two online singles, “Oraculum” and “Born From Hope”.  Their self-recorded 5-track EP “Spellbound” came out on the 30th of January 2015, which was released as a physical disc as well as in digital form.

The band talks to Ignite Music Magazine to update on the new album and the signing to a new record deal.

Maddin: Good to talk to you, too. We are always honored if there is interest in the band. At the moment we are preparing everything for the release of the new album. And of course we are doing some interviews with various magazines and websites. The track list will contain 12 songs including one instrumental. The album will be released on 1th June this year.      

IMM: What to expect or not on this album? And is there a title?

Maddin: The album is titled “Until Dawn and you can expect a journey through a world full of wonders and magic. Thanks to the successful crowd funding campaign, and the help of our big-hearted funders, we had the chance to record the album in a few great studios like the Toolhouse studios in Rotenburg an der Fulda or the Lefink Studio in Duisburg, here in Germany.

IMM: When is the album to be planning to be released?

Gilbert: The album is going to be released on the 1st of June.

IMM: What do the songs reference?

Maddin: The songs refer to a story of the inner child, that everyone is bearing and to the hidden magic in every little thing. This whole album is about the connection between that inner child, which travels through a world full of magic and fantastic things, and a person in the real world out here, who often can only experience things as they happen.

Take our song “Shore To Aeon” for example: “In The Real World,” you are confronted with death. You mourn, and perhaps think about what it will look like on the other side when you have to go yourself. So many thoughts, but they are all very real and earthly. The child in me, however, observes it on a completely different level full of pictures, colors, and metaphors. Therefore one can often not be without the other. This is reflected in our music.

IMM: What will be artwork for the front and back cover and the booklet?

Gilbert: On the front and back cover you will see a scene from the last song of the album, where the child managed to break out of his situation, as seen on the cover of our Ep Spellbound. The night ends and a new morning begins. You can also recognize the tower and a few other details from our previous artwork. The booklet will mainly contain photos and text and less artwork.

IMM: Will the album be released on vinyl?

Maddin: We are not quite sure about a vinyl release. We would like to do it but first we need to see, how the album will sell.

IMM: Which song(s) you will have videos for?

Maddin: We can‘t talk about this at the moment, but there will be a lyric video and a performance- / story-based video to come.

IMM: Are you going to headline while opening for other bands?

Maddin: At the moment, we haven‘t confirmed such gigs. But we really would like to book some bigger shows in the future. Actually, we are looking for a booking agency right now, that will help us, booking some special shows.

IMM: With many inquires with different record companies. What did Reaper Entertainment Europe offer that the group approved than the others? Are there inquires for a North America distribution and other countries?

Gilbert: Reapers had some advantages over the other offerings. First, they have their head office not too far away from us. That was important to us because we wanted to have personal contact with the label. Besides, they have a lot of experience in the business and yet they are not too big. We did not want to go down in a big label.
In fact, I just can’t remember if there were any requests from North America. I’m sorry.

IMM: Thanks for updating what the band is doing.

Gilbert: And we want to thank you for the interview. Greetings to all readers of Ignite Music Magazine!



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