Live Review- Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O) Rocks Mavericks Live in Down Town Jacksonville!

Udo Dirkschneider ( U.D.O) is well known for being the voice of the metal band Accept and he showed us why at Mavericks live in downtown Jacksonville on the Farewell to Accept/ Back To the Roots Tour last night and they brought a few friends/bands with them to start the night off with, Elm Street, a metal band from, Australia and the local opener New Day.

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New Day started off the night at 8pm and played their ass off. I have seen them in a few time before and really dig they sound and music. I would consider them to be one of Jacksonville’s’ up and coming metal bands for sure. The crowd was definitely digging them and they played a short 5-6 song set to warm them up.

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Elm Street hit the stage running next, These guys will melt your face off and blow your eardrums in a heartbeat if you don’t watch out. They are from Down Under, but their music comes from the depth of hell I think! They fuckin don’t mess around, they hit your hard, then when you think that they cant step it up, the freakin’ blow your mind inside and out with real old school metal sound and new. It was non-stop in your face metal and everyone there loved it. Even the bartenders were wearing earplugs they were so loud. It was their first ever show in Florida and they made it know that they wanted all of Florida to hear them, and I think they did just that!! Make sure you catch these guys out with U.D.O, you will not be disappointed, in fact, you will be wanting more!

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Udo and the band ( Udo Dirkschneider (vocals), Andrey Smirnov (guitar), Bill Hudson (guitar), Fitty Wienhold (bass) and son of Udo, Sven Dirkschneider (drums) melted the faces of a few hundred die-hard fans that packed Mavericks on a good Friday, and what happened in Mavericks was not just “good” it was KICK ASS!!. Udo’s voice is one of those voices that when you hear it, you know it is him, it is iconic for sure. The band hit the stage later them most shows, it was 11:15pm when all the magic started and spent the next two hours rocking the place with Accept song old and new. They came out swinging with “The Beast Inside“, “Aiming High” and one of the crowd favorites “Bullet Proof“. The band itself was fantastic as they moved around like clock-work. Their movements almost seemed choreographed as they would meet at the center of the stage and do the iconic all headbang at the same time like back in the 80’s, it was kinda cool to see that. Bill and Andrey had their time to shine with a solo that shredded, as we all know that they could. Sven kicked ass back on the drums and seemed like he had been playing with the band since the 80’s. The band just kept rolling through the night with Udo every once in awhile asking the audience if they wanted to hear more, and at times asking the crowd to sing along. Udo and the band proceeded to rock the house with Accept songs that the crowd just could not get enough “Amamos la Vida” and “Breaker” and one that everyone wanted to hear “Love Child“.The night ended in epic style with the one and only “Balls to the Wall“.

This show was one for the record books and will probably be the last time you get a chance to see and hear Udo sing Accept songs, as he said: ” Move to another chapter” and do his solo stuff. So, I would not wait, Get your tickets if they come close to your town!!



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