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Interview with Mike Protich of Red Sun Rising – “We believe in all our music because our music is real”

THREAD ALBUM COVER red sun risingRed Sun Rising’s new album “Thread” is set to be released on March 30, 2018 via (Concord Music/Razor & Tie) and their current single, “Deathwish” is riding up the rock charts!!

The anthemic single “Deathwish” is currently #17 on Billboard’s Active Rock Chart and is available for purchase on iTunesApple Music, and Amazon.  The apocalyptic video, directed by Brad Golowin

Ignite Music Magazine got a chance to talk with frontman Mike Protich a little bit ago to talk about the new album and how excited they are about it and the new tour coming up.

We asked Mike about – the new tour, new album, and the somewhat new band members and what he was most excited about, he states ” I am most excited for this new album, we are really excited to get this music out and have people hear it”

Their new ” Deathwish”, which is fastly rising up the charts, ” We believe in it, we believe in all our music, and we are not surprised that it is doing well, but you always hope that it can connect, Mike said when asked if he was surprised how well the song is doing, “We believe in all our music, because our music is real”.

We discussed the making of the two new video for “Deathwish” and the fresh new song “Fascination”, and if they have any say in the making of the videos. They used an old silent film from 1902 that was ” really cool and ahead of its time, that never had sound to it..It was kinda creepy and coom and made sense to the song”, Mike told us how the video and music came together for the video “Fascination”.

Red Sun Rising tends to mix up genres and influences in their music and if the just comes to them naturally or is that by design,”We don’t put roles on our songwriting “.. ” that is what “THREAD” means, we put songs out that  we love and believe in, we don’t worry about what that sounds like”. And that is what I think everyone loves about Red Sun Rising, the just do them and if they love it, it is good for them, and its good for all their fans too. Their influenced just seem to bleed into their music naturally and it works for them.

We even asked what are some of his influenced and what kinda music he is into. You will be quite surprised at what he has to say on that topic in the audio below. We all know about the Alanis Morrisette cover “uninvited” the band did, we asked him a little bit about that too and ” It was challenging for me to sing that song.. and for a male voice “.. “It was fun to take that challenge, push myself and make that happen”. And make that happen he did, and it was one of the best renditions I have ever heard, he told us of an email he got from her.

We also talked about all the other bands doing covers… The tour with The Used coming up soon as well as all the festivals the band is doing. The extra song that didn’t make this album and some of his favorite bands that he is excited to see out on the festival runs,” I’m excited to see TOOL” he told us. We also go into some of his favorite song of “THREAD” and why.

So, give the interview a listen too, Mike is a great guy and I have seen the band live more the 5 times and they are all about the fans and the love of the music they put out, and it shows. My best advice is to hit up one of their show and see for yourself how great this band is on stage and off stage as well.

Headline Tour Dates

March 18 – Syracuse, NY – Lost Horizon

March 21 – Baltimore, MD – Sound Stage

March 22 – Portland, ME – Empire

March 23 – Lancaster, PA – Chameleon Club

March 24 – Asbury Park, NJ – The Wonder Bar

March 25 – Philadelphia, PA – Foundry

March 28 – Johnson City, TN – Capone’s

March 29 – Nashville, TN – Top Golf

March 30 – Little Rock, AR – Rev Room

March 31 – Dallas, TX – Trees

April 3 – Houston, TX – House of Blues

April 5 – Tucson, AZ – Club XS

April 6 – Phoenix, AZ – Pub Rock

April 7 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues

April 8 – Las Vegas, NV – Beauty Bar

April 10 – Anaheim, CA – House of Blues

April 11 – Sacramento, CA – Holy Diver

April 13 – Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory

April 15 – Seattle, WA – Chop Suey

April 16 – Boise, ID – Knitting Factory

April 18 – Colorado Springs, CO – Black Sheep

April 19 – Lincoln, NE – Bourbon

April 20 – Des Moines, IA – Wooly’s

April 21 – Sioux City, IA – Anthem at Hard Rock

April 22 – Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge

April 24 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge

April 29 – Sunrise, FL –Welcome to Rockville

May 4 – Charlotte, NC – Carolina Rebellion

May 12 – Somerset, WI – Northern Invasion

May 18 – Columbus, OH – Rock on the Range

May 25 & 26 – Pryor, OK – Rocklahoma

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