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Live Review- Foreigner and Dave Eggar Orchestra rocks to a packed St. Augustine Amphitheater!

Foreigner-staug2018-2713Foreigner accompanied with the Dave Eggar Orchestra, for the first time on this tour, and played to a packed house at the St. Augustine Amphitheater on Friday 3/16.

We were all in for a trip down memory lane with songs that rocked the cool night air at the amphitheater. The crowd was filled with smiling happy faces young and old. Foreigner music is loved to all, and you can see that by the crowd that ranged from teens to some of us that have been fans for 40 years. Foreigner music is timeless, and it never gets old and with songs like these from the setlist

you just have to sing along, and that is just what the fans and crowd did at the Amphitheater. Foreigner songs are fantastic on their own, but throw a full orchestra behind them like Dave Eggar’s and the magic is out of this world. It was almost like the songs were made to be played by an orchestra it sounded so good.

From the beginning of the first note of the orchestra that started out the show, How was introduced by the man himself Kelly Hansen, to the last note of “I Want To Know What Love Is“, Also back up by special guest- The Atlantic Coast Choir– the crowd was on their feet, cheering and singing, with some even dancing in the isles.

I have seen foreigner many times and they just do not disappoint, You have to see them live to get the full talent the band. And if you get the chance, pick a date that has the Orchestra and you will remember it for a lifetime!!


About Bryan Joe Corder (2864 Articles)
Concert Photographer at heart, Love listening to music and going to shows to try to capture the magic on the stage with my imagery.I also review albums and live concerts.

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