Concert Review- Brad Paisley walks on to the stage the sold-out crowd for his “Weekend Warrior World Tour”

DSC_4949As soon as Brad Paisley walks on to the stage the sold-out crowd for his “Weekend Warrior World Tour” erupts in to cheering and excitement as his backdrop and intro music selection is none other than the opening credits of the show “Stranger Things” and you know you’re glad to be a part of this one.

Busting on to the scene in 1999 he has since sold 10 albums and proves he still has a lot more in him.  I’m quickly reminded of when he first really got me with a song that hit a spot in my soul and that was in 2003 when he collaborated with the uber-talented Allison Kraus for the song “Whiskey Lullaby”. Since then, I haven’t stopped being a fan. He’s not shy to duets because in 2011 he teamed up with this artist you may have heard of, Carrie Underwood for a song called “Remind Me” that made us all know relationships are hard and sometimes we have to go back to the beginning so we can fall in love all over again.

What I love the most about live shows is seeing how a singer interacts with his crown and  Brad Paisley may just be the most engaging one I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot of shows). Whether it’s coming straight out to start the show with people selected from the crowd who got to stand on stage with him the whole night, or it’s the military in uniform he pulls up to give a standing ovation to, and cracks open a beer and says to them, “at ease soldiers, drink up, you deserve it. Or if it ’s the little boy he so graciously gifts his guitar with and allows him up on stage to jam with him, he just has that way of making you feel like he’s your buddy from next store.

He gives you some of his best songs out there from “Perfect Storm” to the fun summer song “Crushin It’, and the infamous “Mud on the Tires”. He keeps you smiling and singing along with him through the 23 songs. And since I am a woman who is writing this song, he takes you into a synched up version of two of the best slow songs any countryman could sing when he goes from the song “Then” which takes you on a journey from the moment a guy first spots the girl, to three weeks later having their first date and taking 45 minutes to kiss her goodnight, to taking her back to the same first spot to propose and how he can now see her with a baby on the way.  If you’re in love you immediately grabbed your soul mate during this song and shared a moment you will always remember. And in classic Brad Paisley, he doesn’t stop reeling you in there and transitions right in to “She’s Everything”. Now this song I love so much, mostly because I was singing sweetly to it in the car 5  years ago when my daughter looked at me after a painful breakup and said, “momma, wait for the guy who says all of these words to you, cause this is the kind of woman you are and he should love you for it all”.

Thank you, Brad Paisley, for a night of escape from the madness that life can be Monday through Friday for so many of us. Your show is one that stays up in the top for me, and I am sure so many others.

Review and Photos by Cindy Marshall

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