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Interview- SKARLETT of Skarlett Riot Talks New Album with Songs touching on Bullying and Mental Health!

After the success of their ‘Sentience’ Ep, hard-hitting UK quartet Skarlett Riot soon began to attract interest from far and wide. Signing deals with TKO Agency and The Artery Foundation management was just the beginning for this highly rated act – soon they had signed a worldwide record deal with the pro-active and forward thinking Swedish label Despotz Records.

Singer Skarlett talks about the current album that band signed a worldwide record deal with the pro-active and forward thinking Swedish label Despotz Records.



The band includes Danny (Guitars/Backing Vocals), Martin Shepherd (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Luke (Drums).

By Craig Newman


IMM: Hi Skarlett, thanks for answering some questions. When did the band get together and where you all met? And what part of the UK you all from?

Skarlett: Hi Craig, we formed around 2011 and we all met at school, drummer and guitarist are siblings! We are from a small town called Scunthorpe. Our bass player Martin is our newest member of the band who’s been with us 4years now.

IMM: The band’s influence and your influence of singers? And chose the band name because it rhymes?

Skarlett: We all have different influences, which definitely shines through in our music writing. From Architects, Papa Roach, Nickelback to Tonight Alive, Kiss, Def Leppard! My vocal influences range from Amy Lee, Lzzy Hale, Jacoby Shaddix, Brent Smith. The band name represents having a female in the band whilst having a male stamp to it too.

IMM: The band’s first album Tear Me Down was released during 2013 followed by two EP’s: We AreThe Brave (2015) and Sentence (2016).  For the new album Regenerate is on a new label Despotz. The title is a new chapter for the band with a new label?

Skarlett: Yes definitely, a couple of years ago we had a rough patch in the band. We didn’t know what direction to head in and things hadn’t gone quite to plan. We wrote Regenerate as a brand new start for SR , along with a new image, harder sound and brand new label/management. The future is bright!

IMM: How many songs were composed for this album?

Skarlett: 10. All 10 were included in the album. Many songs were written, then re written until we were completely happy with the material.

IMM: Are the songs on particular and generic topics?

Skarlett: Some of the songs were written about mental health, to try raise awareness but also help people suffering. A couple of the songs were written about bullying, I was bullied at a young age at school. I wanted people to listen to the songs and feel brave, powerful and uplifted. I write my lyrics to help people, if I know I’ve achieved this then I’ve done my job well.

IMM: Who produced the album?

Skarlett: Innersound Studios, York, UK

IMM: The album cover is a woman looking at a city of destruction. Who came up with artwork?

Skarlett: The concept was my idea, I sent this over to our artwork guy who then developed it visually. The idea of the artwork is a warrior type figure looking out bravely at the worn down buildings vs the futuristic buildings. The meaning behind ‘Regenerate’ is to take any negatives in life and turn them into positives. It’s never too late to start a new, and change direction in life. We learn from our successes and our failures, its how we deal with them that shapes our futures.

IMM: Two videos the band did for “Warrior” and “Break” chosen by the band and Depotz?

Skarlett: Yeah, break was our idea but all tracks are decided and discussed with our team. We put our reasons across for picking the tracks and come to an agreement.

IMM: What are the plans for this year for shows?

Skarlett: We head out on tour this March with Canadian rockers ‘Sumo Cyco’ . We have festivals throughout the year including Belgiums Kraken Festival, Rock’N’ festival in France, Camden Rocks (UK). We have plans for later this year but nothing is set yet so you’ll have to wait for that announcement.

By Craig Newman

The band is going out with Sumo Cyco on the No Sleep! No Surrender! tour: in March:

March 14 – Chester – The live Rooms
March 15 – Milton Keynes – Crauford Arms
March 16 – Sheffield – Corporation
March 19 – Newcastle – Thinks Tank
March 20 – Glasgow – Audio
March 21 – Manchester – Rebellion
March 23 – Bridgwater – Cobblestones
March 24 – Birmingham – Asyluim 2
March 25 – Basingstoke – Anvil
March 26 – London – The Boston
March 27 – Southampton – Talking Heads

“Affliction:” –
‘Regenerate’ –


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