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Frequency Drift to Release “Letters to Maro” April 13th via Gentle Art of Music

The ghosts, the ghosts…
The things you cannot leave behind, the things that remain. Oftentimes it is only thoughts – indeed ghosts – that remind you of what once was. Through detailed compositions, enthusiastic melodies and, last but not least, dimensions of sound that are as complex as they are experimental Frequency Drift create enthralling Cinematic Music on their new album “Letters to Maro”. In the minds of listeners, the music creates fascinating sequences of images about loss, forgetting and healing all by means of the mere energy of the sounds.
“Letters to Maro” will be released April 13th via Gentle Art of Music.  The album is available for pre-order HERE.
The video for the single “Electricity” is available for viewing HERE.
In order to continue the practice of creating a very unique sound for every album the band has deepened its intense use of tight arrangements and unconventional instruments: once again the electronic harp is at the center of the compositions, in particular. That way the group leaves the heavy guitar sound of Last behind and displays a much more transparent and electronic approach on “Letters to Maro.” That is how the songs receive the room to breathe they need, so they can unfold their inherent melancholy and lightness with highly-precise clarity. Frequency Drift has never been rhythmically more versatile, never have the songs contained more energy or heart.
Just as with all other releases, once again the proven songwriting and production team consisting of Nerissa Schwarz and Andreas Hack helmed the genesis of “Letters to Maro.” Influenced by the works of authors like Haruki Murakami as well as Japan’s arthouse cinema, Frequency Drift’s mastermind pair also created the album’s overall artistic conception. Once again Schwarz and Hack serve as both author and director of the cinematically musical experience that “Letters to Maro” offers for its listeners: the music, the lyrics, the artwork and the video material, all those factors contribute to what ultimately becomes an experience of extensive spaces and images.
The ghosts, you just cannot shake them off. Isn’t that glorious!
Track Listing:
01) Dear Maro
02) Underground
03) Electricity
04) Neon
05) Deprivation
06) Izanami
07) Nine
08) Escalator
09) Sleep Paralysis
10) Who’s Master
11) Ghosts When It Rains
Irini Alexia, vocals
Andreas Hack, keys, synthesizers, guitar, bass, mandolin
Nerissa Schwarz, electric harp, mellotron, synthesizers
Wolfgang Ostermann, drums, wavedrum
Additional Musicians:
Michael Bauer, guitar (1&10)
Marco Geipel, live bass
Tour Dates:
14 Apr 2018 | D-Bayreuth / Glashaus
04-07 Oct 2018 | UK-Chepstow / Summer’s End-Festival
19 Oct 2018 | D-Schwäbisch Gmünd / a.l.s.o. – Kulturcafé
08 Nov 2018 | D-Kulmbach / Dynamic Commerce GmbH
15 Dec 2018 | D-Königshofen / Kulturschock
19 Jan 2019 | D-Erkrath / Stellarium
Letters To Maro    (2018 – GAOM 056)
Last                     (2016 – GAOM 043)
Over                    (2014 – GAOM 021)
Laid To Rest         (2012 – GAOM 010)
Personal Effects (Part 2)
Personal Effects (Part 1)
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