Celtic Woman’s Susan McFadden talks about the new “Homecoming” tour.

The Grammy Award-nominated group’s new album peaked at #2 on Billboard’s World Music Chart. Their first show is on March 1 at Lakeland, Florida.Susan

IMM: Hi Susan, thanks for taking a short time from rehearsals to talk about this tour.

Susan: I just ran out of rehearsal for a quick fifteen-minute chat and have to go back. Is a really busy show and opens tomorrow night

IMM: I want to follow up on the on Voices Of Angeles tour. Is this tour will be the same as the last tour?

Susan: No, it will be quite different that we have a lot of new songs that are new Celtic Woman that we never performed before that are not on the DVD or CD. We will have some songs from the DVD and CD. And felt that are some songs in the show we couldn’t do without such as “Danny Boy”, “Amazing Grace” and “You Raise Me Up” that are on the show still. And new songs that we never performed before which all embrace the theme of Homecoming.

IMM: That’s good because the fans ask if there will be new songs for the show.

Susan: Yes there is this year and we’re really excited about it and really enjoying them and can’t to perform them and to perform them for the first time in America.

IMM: That’s good and maybe on the next studio album.

Susan: Yeah that is the plan I think.

IMM: So, you cannot say what the new songs are?

Susan: Nope, you have to be at the show (Laughter).

IMM: For this tour will there a video screen showing photos of Ireland like the last tour?

Susan: Yeah, that is the plan we are testing at the moment. I believe they arrived last night and they are getting put up so we will have some video footage. It’s really lovely because it brings part of our country to America so people can a little insight to the scenery and our country brought to life on stage.

IMM: To follow up on the Homecoming DVD where the group had a contest for their first guest singer. Annabel Sweeney was phenomenal. You think that might happen again?

Susan: I don’t think there are any plans at the moment. We ran the competition at Ireland and the UK. And it was lovely to come on and be part of our Homecoming special to be on TV and for America and that was amazing. Actually, we did in the UK and had a different person every night there to perform on stage. And the overall winner, we picked one girl and she will come out to the states to perform on stage with us. So we’re doing it that way and there is not a competition in the states not yet anyway. Unless the management and the producers decide in a couple of months to run something and at the moment I don’t know. It was really lovely and really special to give somebody a chance. And Annabel is only sixteen to come on stage and she has so much grace and professionalism and looked like she has been up there her whole life. It would have been easy for her to be a fifth Celtic Woman. I was a lovely experience for all of us.

IMM: From the recording, the audience was blown away. From the DVD which had fourteen choir members. Will there be about six of them?

Susan: No, actually we have three on this tour. Three male fabulous vocalists and Carl dances as well. A little bit of singing and dancing and is not just feasible to bring a huge orchestra and huge choir on tour to a different city every night. We have to compact the showdown to make it moveable every night.

IMM: From a fan, perspective is to add Irish dancing to the show.

Susan: Yeah, that is a hit in the show and they love that part. You’ve been listening to the singing all night and is a nice little break. Carl comes out and doses the Irish dancing and nice percussion number with the Irish dance in the show this year and is a lot of fun and goes down really well and looking forward to that.

IMM: Do you the gals and the band have an input of what songs stay, get added or taken out for the show?

Susan: That decision is done by our musical director Gavin Murphy who doses all the arrangements for the show. So it between him and the producers and this year when we were preparing for the Homecoming tour, it was put to us is there any songs you like to do? So we got to do a little wish list and we handed that in and that was really nice. So this year I am singing “From A Distance”. I’m a Bette Midler fanatic and for me, I was so delighted and went to her version for inspiration. Predominately is up to the musical director and the producers to map out the show of what stays in and what is taken out.

IMM: That’s great there will be new songs that no one has heard before to mix up the show.

Susan: Yeah, new arraignments of older songs to change it up here and there and trying to stick to the roots of Celtic Woman. And not to try far away from where we began either. So is striking that balance.

IMM: Thanks for your time during rehearsals

Susan: Thanks for your call, bye

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