Interview- Portugal’s symphonic metal band Glasya released their first single and video “Heaven’s Demise”.

Glasya - Band PhotoGlasya features several members of the Portuguese metal scene. Keyboard player Davon Van Dave talked to Ignite Music Magazine about the groups’ first EP and the first single and video release of “Heaven’s Demise”.

The Glasya is: Hugo Esteves (Guitar), Eduarda Soeria (vocals and in Portugal Nightwish tribute band – Nightdream), Keyboard player Davon Van Dave (ex-Urban Tales, ex-Shadowsphere, ex- Heavenly Bride) solo guitar Bruno Prates(ex-Enchantya, Paradigm State), Manuel Pinto (ex-Enchatya) and on drums Bruno Ramos (ex- My Deception).

IMM: Hi Davon, when did the band form and where did you all meet?

Davon: Hi Craig, thank you so much for this invitation. The band started in the summer of 2016 and it’s based in a vision of our founder member Hugo Esteves, who wanted to create a Symphonic Metal band with a quality standard and good musicians to put Portugal in the Symphonic Metal scene around the world. He gathered all of us and we started composing together and pre-producing. In this moment we felt that we were ready to show our work. We recorded the single and the video and started our promotion.

IMM: What does Glaysa mean?

Davon: The name Glasya was suggested by an old member of the band, is a Goddess that’s also a demon, for us means the female strength, a symbolic way of telling how our singer is important for the whole band and what her voice brings to our music.

IMM: Who are your influences and at what age you start to learn to play the piano and other members of the group?

Davon: My main influence is Epic Music, also called Trailer Music, I’m a huge fan of Hans Zimmer and Two Steps from Hell and my music reflects that inspiration. My musical training started as a guitar player and I have been also a bass player. I learn to play piano a little bit later when was offered me my first keyboard at the age of 14. Since then it’s my passion, because I feel that with a piano in front of me, there’s no limits to creativity. All the members of the band have different influences, Hugo Esteves like a more old school metal, like Metallica and Iron Maiden, Bruno Prates and Manuel Pinto are into the Progressive Metal, like Dream Theater, Eduarda she’s very eclectic, her range of influences and tastes are very wide, since pop to metal, but her big reference is Tarja Turunen. Our drummer Bruno Ramos is a big fan of Gothic Rock / Metal bands like Entwine. So, Glasya is a fusion of these influences.

IMM: What is the music scene like at Portugal?

Davon: Portugal has a lot to offer, the quality of the musicians and producers is growing fast and I really think that you will listen more about Portuguese bands in the future. We have our great international bands, as Moonspell, Heavenwood or Desire, other ones will join this roll of great bands too. We have a lot of good places to play live and well-organized festivals, like Vagos Open Air, Rock in Rio it’s the one most well-known, that are gaining a splendid reputation inside and outside Portugal. In Symphonic Metal there are not many bands in Portugal, but we hope that will appear soon.

IMM: The bands first video for “Heaven’s Demise” from the EP was released on January 10, 2018. What is the song about and how many songs are on the EP?

Davon: The song talks about deceiving, about someone that shows a paradise and then it becomes a real hell later. Talks about not creating illusions to be authentic to give the best of us and not creating decoys to get what we want in a selfish way. In this stage we don’t know if it will be an EP or a full-length album, we are talking with a label that wants to be our partner, so our initial plans can change a bit.

IMM: Are there other videos planned from the EP or when will there is a full album?

Davon: Now-a-days music is also visual and we love to explore our creativity in that side too, so yes, there will be more videos. We are already thinking how the next one will be.

IMM: Are there more songs for a full album planned to be released this year?

Davon: As long as the label partnership it’s confirmed, will be a full-length for sure. The release date will not depend only on us, but we want to release it as soon as possible.

IMM: Is the band performing locally and possible this year to perform at Spain and other Euro countries?

Davon: We are right now scheduling our tour this year, with Portuguese and probably international bands. We are planning to play outside Portugal, it will depend of many factors, but our main focus is to give good shows, musically and visually.

IMM: Thanks for your time and for your music.

Davon: We thank you for this invitation and for supporting new bands and give us the opportunity of showing our work and talk more about ourselves. Thanks to you all who are also reading this interview! All the best!


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