Concert Review- Dorothy was “Flawless” on the ‘Freedom Tour’ at Jack Rabbit in Jax Fl. on 1/25/18

Dorothy is a breath of fresh air that is infectious to the rock and roll soul!!!


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Dorothy Martin, singer/songwriter and namesake of the Los Angeles rock band Dorothy brought her southern rock alternative charm to Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville Florida in support of the much anticipated new album ‘ 28 Days In The Valley ‘ Out soon but can be pre-ordered here

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The night started out late for a Thursday night in San Marco area of Jacksonville. Jack Rabbits filled up early and fast. The place had a buzz about it as people waited for the late show time.With only having two bands filling the bill, there was a lot of mingling and chatting before the first band Skyview, an Alternative / New Wave band from north Florida. Formed in 2008 by Evan Smith & Ryan Kirk, genre influences vary from alt rock, new wave (80s) electronic music, and indie rock which makes for a diversified conglomeration of musical output., they went on to get new fans and play to fans that already knew the band and were there for support. The band sounded great, and I’m sure they made more the few more fans that night. They played with great energy and did one hell of a job!

Dorothy and the band ( Nick Maybury,Leroy Wulfmeier,Eliot Lorango,Jason Ganberg) hit the stage that was now smelling of incents and cigar smoke, yes, I said cigar smoke. I do believe Dorothy had a cigar in her hand as she took the stage for the first few songs ( I think you can see it in a few of the photos). The band came out swinging and the crowd cheered and screamed the music started flowing and Dorothy started singing “White Butterfly” and flowed right into “Who Do You Love” and “After Midnight” all of the new CD not yet out. Dorothy actually stopped in-between songs to say that these are new, implying that it was hard for the fans to get into music that they have not heard yet, but that really didn’t seem to matter to her fans, with one guy yelling out ” Just Sing” and Dorothy laughing and responding ” Shut the hell up bitch and just sing” and went right back to the music and continuing to giggle inside.

Dorothy went through many of the new songs that the fans were really getting into with the energy and buzz overflowing throughout the crowd. But they did give the fans what they wanted with some a few songs that they were more familiar with like “Down To The Bottom” and new single “Flawless” and ended the set with “Freedom”.

The new single put this show into the perfect word “Flawless“, The band came out on fire and just burned through the songs and heated up the place like only they can do.

If you get a chance to go out and see Dorothy, Do it! The band is fantastic and they music is stellar as always, the new stuff you are going to love must as much if not more then the previous music. They know stuff and hit the ” 28 Days In The Valley” music out of the park.

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