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Album Review- Loudness “Rise To Glory” makes you “feel fresh”!



RISE TO GLORY, the first album in four years and first since 2014’s THE SUN WILL RISE AGAIN for Loudness, Since their inception in 1981, LOUDNESS has led the Japanese heavy metal scene and embarked on global domination.

The guitar wizardry of Akira Takasaki, hailed around the world as one of the true guitar gods, is featured throughout the album. He admits, “I played lots of guitars, more than any other albums this century. There was soul in the sounds.”

The album is packed with aggression, melody and positive vibes.

Minoru Niihara says, “The album cheers you up, makes you feel fresh.”

The first track ” 8118 ” is an instrumental that just sucks you slowly to what is to come for the rest of the album. The album then kicks you in the face with classic Loudness music that gets you tapping your feet and bobbing your back and forth, from “Soul on Fire” to “I’m Still Alive” that hits hard and thrashy in places to get the blood flowing like a volcano ready to explode. The band shows if diversity with “Until I See The Light“, which they focus on the melodic side of the band and pulls it off masterfully. Along with the guitar solos on each song, there is amazing playing on the instrumental tracks, leaning towards the progressive side of the band.

The album gets down and dirty with rock vortex of “Massive Tornado” that get you swirling in a mind-melting moshpit to “Lets All Rock“, which should be a live performance favorite that the crowd can get into and sing with the band.

With the album and the ensuing major scale world tour, Loudness will embark on the biggest global conquest since the 1980s. This indeed is the beginning of their Rise To Glory.

All and all the album is a well-rounded piece of metal art that your mind can just chill and have a good time!

We would give it a solid –  #Ignitenation 8 out 10

Akira Takasaki – Guitar
Minoru Niihara – Vocals
Masayoshi Yamashita – Bass
Masayuki Suzuki – Drums
unnamed (19)


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