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Interview- Country singer Stephanie Quayle debuts as best female Country singer of 2017!


Born and raised in Montana on her family’s buffalo ranch With the success of the song “Selfish” rising up the charts and “Winnebago” from her National debut album LOVE THE WAY YOU SEE ME. Took time to talk from Nashville where they are having snow to talk Ignite Music Magazine for her album and charity work for Operation Finally Home to help fund a new home for Army Lt Garrett Spears with the SELFISH FOR THE RED, WHITE & BLUE campaign. For every download of “Selfish” on iTunes, Quayle will donate 100% of the profits to help support the project.


IMM:  Hey Stephanie, Selfish and Winnebago are fresh sounding songs and Winnebago is a fun song

SQ: What’s up Craig?  Isn’t it? We had a blast and we transverse this country crisscrossing it over nine thousand miles in our Winnebago for our tour last summer. We’re going to do it again for this summer but don’t know how many miles we’ll pull  again and continue our relationship with Winnebago and KOA Campgrounds and it will be ‘The Love How You see Me Tour’

IMM: So, you are still touring for this album?

SQ: Yeah, the album came out in September and “Selfish” is on that album and continue with that album for the next year.

IMM: Any new songs, music for later this year and to be performing?

SQ: Yes, we have select festivals from New York to the West coast again and quite a few shows coming up in Texas. We haven’t release the dates yet but the album will be in conjunction with the tour. It is everything from camp fires to thousands and thousands of people which is really fun which is why I fell in love with making music is that it doesn’t matter how many people are present. Is that music is so powerful to connect on so many different levels. And can’t wait to play the Solvang Brewery on January 24 that is really cool.

IMM: Do you have songs that are not released to be recorded on your next album?

SQ: Absolutely! I am always writing and working on new music so right now for the year is “Selfish” which is at Country Radio and having an incredible response and wonderful which already surpassed our previous singles “Drinking With Dolly” and “Winnebago” which is really exciting. And as people get more familiar with me and the music that “Selfish” is a classic song that is connecting with listeners in a way the other two didn’t necessarily have the same resonation. And the music video comes out in about a month for “Selfish” which is really exciting. Music videos are so great to learn about music and see the lyrics to the songs. And with that on my days off from the road are the days I am writing and recording so building up a beautiful arsenal of songs for the next project. There are some songs that might be released without being on the new project to different streaming services to continue to share music. I think one of the things is really great about having the album available now is so many of the songs on the album were being played while we were on tour. We would play them live and now their accessible is a great way for people to reconnect to those songs.

IMM: One song that needs to be worked in a good way. It is a support song for the military, it’s “Military Wife”

SQ:  You’ve heard “Military Wife?

IMM: Yes

SQ: Ah thank you. I have a song on the album I wrote called “I’ve Got Your Six” I’m really excited about.  I have a heart for any which way I can help our service men and women since I was teeny tiny human. I’ve had my grandfather, uncle and cousin that served and able to share those voice to those who give so much and the families especially. There are so many people touched by being in the military, the wives, mothers and fathers. It is so much more than one person to take care of everybody. I always go back to the saying “it’s not about the policy”; it’s about the people and any which way we can help a fellow American is imperative. Right now we have a initiative called ‘Operation Finally Home’ we teamed up with that all the downloads and all the profits from the song “Selfish” are going to help build one of our veterans homes. Which is really exciting to utilize the music to help and connect others and I have been thrilled and able to do over the course on my career. So thank you it resonated with you.

IMM: Songs from Ain’t No House Wife to be re-released?

SQ: Yes. There are a few on there I see us re-releasing., “Sophia” specifically.  There something about it that has a lot of legs.  I love sharing that song and it works from every stage. I love it that you listen to it.

IMM: What are plans for this year such as shows with bigger stages and bigger venues?

SQ: Sure, we have some dates overseas. We are heading to London and Switzerland that is over spring.  We have the CMA music festival at Nashville in June as well as some festivals across the country such as the Headwaters Country Jam at home state of Montana, playing some fairs, one at Wisconsin, so we just go where the music leads us. We’ll do some shows up north at the Long Island area so it’s kind of everywhere for the shows we are allowed to release. Those are on the web site and the rest they make you wait (laughter).

IMM: Are you going to have a sponsor like Winnebago?

SQ:  We will have continued sponsorship’s as well and we are defiantly excited about those as well. It’s a fun time and I think we have some great strategic partners and KOA being one of them and Winnebago. It’s exciting to watch the listener, the country music listener are very synonymous with the way we can show the music within our communities. I think it goes back to singing around the camp fire.

IMM: Maybe you will have a new album for 2019?

SQ: Yeah, 2019 sounds about right. Now with the album out we will work the album until the next year. And depends if we pull another song and “Selfish” is rising on the charts and headed to number one (laughter) so we won’t stop until our song is heard across the globe. And we have other initiatives for the other songs and different ways to interact our fans to different songs and keep it active and in the meanwhile writing what I live and experience and the new songs.

IMM: It’s good that the album is picking up steam

SQ: Thank you, it’s exciting when you put together a project and you want so much for it to represent the songs and I am always considering my band the flock of quails, their ears I want these to be the songs to the soundtrack to their lives, to be relatable and take on their own sentiments to each song. Not just my perspective but a perspective to be shared by all and you can find yourself in those songs. That’s the part of a listener, I love listening to music and finding myself in those songs and as a song writer where I come from.

IMM: Is the set list for shows change or keep as is for the shows?

SQ: We have a set list which is a skeleton of the show and then what happens is we have songs that will take on different parts of the show throughout the show so no show is identical. It might be a high energy then take you on an emotional moment. I think that is what I love about being an entertainer is entertaining emotions and feelings with those ups and all those different moments to keep fresh and interesting. I just watched Garth Brooks for the very first time and got to go see his show and was incredible to watch him how he would weave a high energy song with something very sentimental and feel disjointed not feel like it didn’t make sense. I think that’s the goal to be able have something new and interesting in the show but to have the consistently to where the listener and the fans can count on.

IMM: It’s good that you are working this album and is going up the charts. More shows planned for this year and wait for 2019 for new music to come out

SQ: We always share new music on the road so the reason why we do that is see if the songs are resonating. For me, live music is key that is how I make my living and that’s how I want to share the music in an authentic way. And when you’re giving your time to spend it with me and the band and see a show it’s very important that when you walk away that your time was met with the same kind of care. I think time is our most precious commodity, so if I want to go see a live show I want to be moved, I want to feel it, and know I just couldn’t listen to an album or CD or a play list or whatever it is. I want to feel something and that is very important to me when we are performing and putting on a show and received that way.


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