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Album Review- Pop Evils self Titled 5th studio album is out 2/16.

322752 Pop Evil on fire again. First new song release by any band that actually got me fired up for the new music. Leigh is in fine form and Hayley is just a beast on the drums.!!

I am honored to be amongst the first to review the self-titled Pop Evil album slated for release on February 16, 2018, via Entertainment One.  Being the 5th studio album release since 2015, and debuting new drummer Hayley Cramer, this 11 track LP is well worth the wait.

The first single, “Waking Lions” was released in October with lyrics such as “They wanna lay me to rest, but I won’t go,” reminding us that Pop Evil is back to show us that hard rock is going strong in 2018.  The band has been stated as saying this is their “heaviest single to date.”  For those who like it a little heavier,  you’ll be in for a treat with “Colors Bleed” and “Art of War” with aggressive riffs and a touch of metalcore vocals, showing the band is stepping up their “evil.”

“God’s Damn” and “When We Were Young” are notable for the emotion-fueled lyrics Kakaty is known for on previous releases.  Anthem-like “Legendary” could easily be the next single.  Picture the crowds in arenas yelling out,  “Let’s go be legendary!” as they watch their favorite sporting event.

I think this is by far Pop Evil’s best release to date. Make sure to pre-order it now!

By Nina McCarthy

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