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Grimmest Hits By Black Label Society

Each BLS album is another opportunity to top its predecessor, but they aren't here to reinvent the wheel. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Just to set the southern country dinner table before us, a band with a smooth whiskey brand like name, Black Label Society, has a new album coming. Zakk Wylde (vocals/guitar), along with John DeServio (bass), Dario Lorina (guitar), and Jeff Fabb (drums) are looking to drop, Grimmest Hits, the band’s tenth full-length studio album. It is the follow-up to previous offerings of Catacombs of the Black Vatican (2014) and Order of the Black (2010). On 19 Jan 2018, with the eOne Music label, this new record will mellow out a country in dire need of a stiff drink.

Track Listing For: Grimmest HitsBLS-GrimmestHits-cover

  1. Trampled Down Below
  2. Seasons Of Falter
  3. The Betrayal
  4. All That Once Shined
  5. The Only Words
  6. Room Of Nightmares
  7. A Love Unreal
  8. Disbelief
  9. The Day That Heaven Had Gone Away
  10. Illusions Of Peace
  11. Bury Your Sorrow
  12. Nothing Left To Say


A few facts about Mr. Wylde should you have just stumbled onto this review. To many, Wylde is know for his pinch harmonics for which many fans will know a song before any vocals come across the speakers. Zakk’s signature Les Paul Bullseye guitar hangs in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. There may be an infamous pair of leather bell-bottoms hanging in the Grammy Museum. His hand prints are on Hollywood’s Rock Walk of Fame. And, oh, by the way, Ozzy is a god parent to one of his children.


Black Label Society – Room of Nightmares


So, let us turn back our attention to the one part invading horde and all parts traveling carnival party, Black Label Society’s new album release. Grimmest Hits isn’t about throwing you a curve ball in its sound or hooking up with a large city symphony to give the material an uptown feel. What it will do is give you that smoky heat of a fire that simmers and gives the impression it can blow up into a bonfire without any warning.

This twelve track beast rocks you for about an hour. You can definitely feel the influences of Black Sabbath on this album along with understanding why it sounds like the Oz Man himself could be singing the vocals. But the fellas also show a very funny side of the band with the video for “Room Of Nightmares,” that we have linked to in this piece for your viewing pleasure. None of the songs will cause you to catch a speeding ticket, but a good ride with brothers of the iron horse might go pretty well with most of what this album has to offer.

While the intent for “The Day That Heaven Had Gone Away,” might be different then what we took away from it, we at the iGnite compound had to listen to this track a few times. Not because we had to decide if we liked it or not but to wake up from our own personal reflections without needing two fingers of an adult beverage to ease the memories back down again. There may be no place for power ballads over the air, but we think this song shows a maturity and wistfulness for things that have passed, that simply spoke to us.

Black Label Society is known for a sound that can fight you man to man or hit you over the head with a chair when you’re not looking. And even have you laughing with them after the blood stops flowing in the bar’s bathroom. If you can dig a slower groove that can still whip your ass you like you stole something, grab this CD. We’d break down a few more tracks, but come on man, what’s the fun in that for you. Listen to what this piece of crispy, soaked in Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, set ablaze, rock and roll has to offer and bask in all of its glory.

Zakk and the guys will be touring with Corrosion of Conformity in the States and a few Canadian shows right up til the end of February before cross a small puddle or two and playing Russia, Europe, and a few spots in between. If you pick up the album or get a chance to see the show live, hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter feeds and show us the pictures or give us your take. We’d love to hear your thoughts too.

Black Label Society

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