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A Not So Silent Night- W/ Bleeding In Stereo, Silent Running, GFM and Sunshine & Bullets w/ Auditory Armory!

A Not So Silent Night 2017 concert was held at Mavericks Live in downtown Jacksonville, FL, this past weekend, it showcases some of our best Rock and Metal bands from all of Florida and up into Georgia. A Not So Silent Night is just that, Not So Silent, It is a rock show that brings you some of the best-unsigned and signed music talents you can ever want to hear.

This night was not all about the music. it was also about giving to great causes and great people. There was a toy for Wolfsons Children’s Hospital that mounted up for a huge pile of toys for the kids for the holidays and to give them a little Christmas cheer.

The night was filled with heavy hearts as well as tears of joy. The show as stopped a few time toward the end of the night to have an auction of music memorabilia that went to another great cause,  a pile of donated cash was presented to a local Rockvillian that was recently diagnosed with cancer to help out with his medical expenses. The place with filled with heavy hearts but at the same time cheers or encouragement to FUCK CANCER and that he has his Rockvillian brothers and sister to cheer him through these hard times. Not only was he speechless when presented the money and you can tell he was not expecting it. To go along with the money he and his girlfriend was also presented with special VIP seating on stage for the remainder of the evening’s festivities. He later on proposed to his girlfriend at the end of end of an emotional story of how they meet. It was one hell of a Rockvillian style proposal…and she said “Yes”.

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The Rockvillians are a local group of Metalheads that really know how to put on a show. They are fans of music and they are a brother and sisterhood of like-minded music-loving kick-ass people that when it all comes down to it, people that just like to have a kick-ass time and enjoy music and have a great time, it is definitely a family that would do anything for anyone inside and outside the Family.

The big show started out with  Auditory Armory from Altamonte Springs, just north of Orlando. A heavy Progressive/Alternative Metal band that knows how to kick off a show and party. I have seen the group before in Orland at the House Of Blues and the still show me that starting off a show is not always a bad thing..they bring it hard and heavy and know how to get the early crowd going and lets the fans know that the latecomers are missing one Hell Of A Show!! Singer and guitarist April Rose really know how to work the stage and is one bad ass singer.Bass player Justice Maynard stands tall on stage and bring the mean bass riff and his energy is infectious. Dennis Burns’ and April’s guitar work melt perfectly on stage, as it a five and take relationship with them trading off riffs and solos throughout. And we can forget drummer Oscar Garcia who throws down like a monster back on the drums. The band is tight and a must see.

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Up next was the mind-melting all teenage girl group Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (GFM), Don’t let the pretty faces and cheerleading outfits fool ya…These are some bad-ass…In your face…face melting Christian metal playing girls that light the stage on fire every time they play. These girls… CJ English (guitar/vocals), Maggie English (bass/keyboards/vocals) and thirteen-year-old LuLu English (drums/vocals) are young but don’t show it on stage with their playing. They hit the stage like they were shot out of a canon and never look back. CJ is master on guitar with ripping up the string on her guitar like she has been playing longer then she has been alive. Cj and Maggie trade off vocals throughout the show and that just shows how versatile they are and are really for the big stage. This is not your typical metal Christian group, they are young but they show you on stage they mean business… Their set consisted of songs like  “Stuck In My Suicide”, “Beneath the Skin”, “Judas Kiss”, “Paranoia”, “Twisted”, “Graveyards”, “Death of Giants” and “Dimensions”. GFM really blows me away every time I see them. They have fun on stage and the fun and energy rolls down into the crowd…And isn’t that what music is all about, connecting with the audience even from high on a stage and 20 feet away. The girls do it now, and I’m convinced they will be doing it for many years to come. So keep an eye and ear out for them.

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Now that the blood has been ragging in your veins and ready to burst out!!..The next band  Sunshine & Bullets , came out and wowed the crowd with their AltRockRock and Hard Rock over Metal sound and made a whole lot of new fans from what talk that I heard after their set. The trio Rich KeaneJr. on guitar and vocals, Amanda Hamers on bass and vocals and Kyle Wolfram on the drums came out swinging with their set consisting of songs like … “The Mechanism”, “Go”, “Everyone’s Watching”, “Let the Giants Sleep”, “Believe”, “Give Them Hell”, “Truths”, “Heads in the Sand” and “In the Air Tonight” ( A Phil Collins cover). Their first song out of the box is what great the crowd the by their throats and took them on a mind-altering trip with Rich and Amanda putting the crowd in a state of jaw-dropping bass and guitar playing…Rich even busted out a violin bow that he played on his guitar that brought many to a wide-eyed what the hell look!  Amanda is no slouch on that bass of hers as well, she really knows her way around that thing and she will hurt you with it.(in a good way). S&B put on one hell of a show and I can’t wait to see them again, and from what I heard from others..they can wait either!

The night just kept getting better, Silent Running, and band out of Kingsland, Ga. entered the ring with the Southern Hard Rock that punched you in the face like a two-ton brick…Holy fuck can these guys fucking play!!.. The gave the freaking crowd what they wanted and a little more with songs like  “Trapped”, “Wake Up”, “Best ICould”, “Yesterday”, “Deathblow”, “These Eyes”, “Pride” (DamagePlan), “One More Mile”, “Sinister Son” and “Lost Time”… If there had not been a mosh pit formed yet..there was soon to be one. The hair was flying the head were banging for sure. Garrett Cross and Dustin Cross cover guitars/vocals and drums, who are bothers, while Bruce Morgan and P.A. Morgan cover guitars and bass. If you are into the Southern rock music with a little thrash in the mix, you are going to love these dudes. They bring it hard and fast!

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With a hard rock/alternative band like Bleeding In Stereo that always brings the heat and has a light & smoke show that would envy any other rock band. Bleeding In Stereo is a rock group out of northeast Florida that has been rocking the Jacksonville local scene for many years now. The group consists of Jeremy Destin (bass) Brian Woodward (guitar) Keith Allen (lead vox and guitar) and last but not least Eddie Leo Floyd (drums). This band is tighter than a fat guy in skinny jeans.These professional musicians has been gaining fans the hard way since 2010, is signed to the CoreMusic record label and have played/toured with an impressive stable of touring acts all over the US. The band quickly saw validation of this when WWE picked up the single,” Black or White”, to be featured on their television shows for tag team group Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. In addition to WWE featuring the song on WWE 2K12 the video game, “Black or White” has been used by VH1, Fuse on demand, History Channel’s American Restoration, NFL Thursday Night Football, CMT, and NBC’s World of Adventure Sports. The “Wound and the Echo” EP also had tracks “Distance” and “Fade Away” used in a variety of programs and all three songs are still being used to this day. But this night it was all about the local scene, and rocking the faces of the local fans, and they do that each and every time they hit the stage. You can tell these boys know each other well and know their music even better. They don’t miss a beat on stage, this band is at the top of local Florida band to go catch, the stage show is insane. Jeremy is a beast on the bass, hitting those low-fat strings like no other. Where Keith likes to rock the vox and does a kick-ass job at it, he also plays a mean guitar with solos that make your ears bleed. Brian Woodard can throughout a guitar solo here hand there that would make Eddie Van Halen proud, along with Eddie that hits the skins and keeps the guys on beat, this is a well-rounded rock group that should be on the tongue on many in the music industry. You have to see this BIS, you can go check out where they are going to be next here

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