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Boston’s SCAPHISM looks to kick off 2018 in the most violent way possible with the release of Unutterable Horrors.

797663Boston’s SCAPHISM looks to kick off 2018 in the most violent way possible with the release of Unutterable Horrors.

The band’s highly-anticipated new album comes five years after its debut, Festering Human Remains. The time between releases has seen SCAPHISM grow into one of the most lethal forces on the New England Death Metal scene. Eight-tracks of no-frills, throat-ripping USDM, Unutterable Horrors will be out January 12 on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

1. Gruesome Unmentionables And Unutterable Horrors
2. Malapropos Cardiectomy
3. Mitte Eos Ad Infernos
4. Vaults Of Pestilence
5. Trepanate The Undesired
6. The Feaster From The Stars
7. Excoriated And Excarnated
8. Hypovolemic Purification

Scaphism is a Massachusetts-based death metal band formed in 2007, originally as a solo-project by guitarist Evan Woolley. Shortly after releasing his 2008 demo, Butchered and Devoured, Woolley added Alex Fewell (drums), Tony Jordan (vocals) and Tom Gretschel (bass) to the fold. Their first release together was a 3-way split with fellow locals Boarcorpse and Composted in 2010. Scaphism then spent the next few years playing live and building a dedicated following.

In 2012 Scaphism released their first full length album Festering Human Remains with an accompanying US tour. They spent the next few years writing the follow-up album but due to several line-up changes progress was hindered. In 2015 bassist Erik Jordan rounded out the roster and the band resumed, eventually emerging from the studio with their second full-length Unutterable Horrors. The band signed with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions in 2017.

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