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Alter Bridge played to a packed House of Blues in Orlando Thursday night and never sounded better.  Some things wither with age, but Alter Bridge gets better with every year and every album.  Lead guitarist Mark Tremonti showed off his mad guitar skills, bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips brought the rhythm to life and lead singer/guitarist Myles Kennedy delivered amazing vocals all night long.  Their blend of rock and metal is pure genius; melodic, technical, and complex – as are their songwriting talents.  They don’t rely on screaming, frantic pacing or gimmicks on stage – they simply present great music, both instrumental and vocal, for their fans.  Opening the set with Writing On the Wall from The Last Hero album had the fans immediately singing along, headbanging and totally on board with the band.  The set was filled with the most popular songs such as Blackbird,  Addicted to Pain,  Fortress, Metalingus which lit up the house and had the fans totally involved and begging for more.   My personal favorites of the evening were the two acoustic numbers with Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti sitting on stools playing their acoustic guitars and singing haunting lyrics to Watch Over You and In Loving Memory. The band closed the night with a very timely Rise Today, “Yeah, oh yeah Oh won’t you rise today And change this world?”.  Alter Bridge is, without doubt, the top rock/metal music of today.  Go see them, buy their music and merchandise and bring them back again.  Can’t wait for their next album.


Sons of Texas opened the night with some hard hitting, high energy heavy metal sounds.  The group played songs from both their albums, Baptized in the Rio Grande and Forged by Fortitude much to the delight of the crowd.  Drummer Mike Villarreal and bassist Nick Villarreal provide solid bass grooves and thunderous drumming while guitarists Jon Oliveraz and Jes De Hoyos create great melodies for singer Mark Morales.  No doubt they picked up a couple hundred new fans from their set.



All That Remains took the stage prior to Alter Bridge with their heavy death metal sounds and a lot of beefcake for the ladies.  They played and frantically paced the stage, working hard at their craft but somehow seemed less than connected to the music or the fans, but we all have off nights.

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