Interview- Italy’s symphonic metal band Sleeping Romance singer Federica Lanna talks about the band’s new album Alba to be released on November 3.

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Formed in Modena, Italy, Sleeping Romance started to write songs and perform live locally. After the first demo was released some line-up changes took place, which leads us to the current line-up that is Federico Truzzi – guitar/orchestra, Federica Lanna – Voice, Lorenzo Costi – Bass, Francesco Zanarelli – Drums and Nichola Bonavoglia – Guitar.They recorded their debut album “Enlighten” and changed their name to Sleeping Romance, and after that, a deal was inked with the Swedish label Ulterium Records.

Federica took time to answer questions for Ignite Music Magazine.

IMM: Hi Federica, thanks for your time to answer some question for the new album? I’ve been listening to the album and is good with

F: Thank you, I think it’s a really good album too. It’s the result of a really hard work so we hope the audience will appreciate it!

IMM: When the band starting writing songs for this album and how many were composed to choose from to be on the album?

F: We started working on the new album before we signed with Napalm Records, more or less three years ago. I am pretty sure Federico has a huge file with a bunch of rough compositions and with all his ideas 😉 but when we worked on the new material all the songs had already been chosen.

IMM: Who composes the music and who writes the lyrics? And the group discusses on the arraignments and if words need to be changed?

F: Federico is the composer of Sleeping Romance, he uses to submit his idea to the whole band and then everyone gives his/her personal contribution to the cause. Talking about the lyrics of the new album, Federico gave me the guidelines for the development of the story of Alba, so each song has its main theme and matter. Federico and Dino, our sound designer, also gave me indications about the better choices for syllables (strong, sweet ecc..) and metrics in accordance with the music. So I wrote the first writing of the lyrics and we corrected them together in order to find the perfect ones.

IMM: Who produced the album and where was it recorded?

F: Federico is also the producer of the album; he took care of the recording and mixing together with our precious sound designer Dino Gervasoni. We recorded the album in our hometown at Federico’s studio, like we did for “Enlighten”

IMM: What are songs about such as the new single “ Where The Light is Bleeding”?

F: “Where the light is bleeding” is the first song of the new album, the one who opens our protagonist’s trip through the darkness; and this is exactly what the song’s about. Of course, it has an important metaphorical meaning: there are really hard moments in life in which you feel like you’re crawling in the dark looking for a ray of light; we like to think that there is always a hope who can guide you and keep you safe.

IMM: And the other songs “My Temptation”, “Lost In My Eyes”, “Across The Sea” and the title track “Alba”?

F: Each song can be related to the others in a bigger drawing but you can also find a strong individuality. We developed the story of “Alba” for themes, sometimes you can guess it from the title, for example, “My Temptation” or “Forgiveness”. Our protagonist has to go through the darkness in order to reach the Sun and give it back to humanity. She gets lost, she struggles, but she fights and she faces her fears and “ghosts” till the end of her route. It isn’t random that the song Alba (which means Sunset) is at the end of the album; after a long night, you will see the sun rising again. The last song of the album, “Alba” talks about the final duel with darkness [here, we are, face to face]: it’s the abyss looking at you, and now you have to prove yourself you can defeat it.

IMM: At what age you started to sing and your influences?

F: I started singing when I was a child. I remember I was in love with Disney’s songs! And even if as soon as I had the chance, I used to spend all my money in singing lessons, I was a singer in the free time only and I didn’t like that much to sing in front of other people, cause I am pretty shy, for me it was “personal”. I have never thought to be so good to deserve a musical career and then Sleeping Romance came into my life and I experienced a constancy and a love that I ‘ve never felt for anything, and a couple of years ago I also started to teach singing; music gave me my place in the world when I didn’t know what to do with myself; my father has been the most important person for my influences when I was younger. He used, and still does, to put music on and sing along while checking emails XD He transmitted me the love for Pink Floyd, Enigma, and Mike Oldfield. I always loved movies soundtracks and when I discovered Within Temptation and I fell in love with them I started to enjoy symphonic metal bands like Within Temptation, Nightwish, Evanescence, Rhapsody and so on. Recently I really like to listen to Shoegaze, Djent and progressive metal.

IMM: For 2018 you are performing the Symphonic Metal Nights for Europe with Serenity, Visions of Atlantis, Secret Rule, and Even more. That will be an incredible show of music. What else are planned or being discussed for shows as an opening band and headliner?

F: We are really excited about it! We are working hard in order to present a really killer show! With Napalm Records we have the chance to reach a bigger audience and we are pretty sure that “Symphonic Metal Nights” tour is going to be a really great opportunity for us! We will make our best!

IMM: Is there talks about coming to North America and Latin America?

F: we don’t have any plan for it yet! We will be in the UK for the very first time this February so, step by step; I hope we’ll have the chance to bring Sleeping Romance music in other wonderful countries that we haven’t visited yet.

IMM: It’d be nice to have a Symphonic Metal bands tour package for the North America where bands like Sleeping Romance, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica and others.

F: of course, it would be a dream coming true


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