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Martina Edoff Sweden’s Nordic Queen of Rock talks about her second album We Will Align

IMM: When did you start writing the new songs for the album?

Martina: Last summer (2016) I met some guys and I wrote one of the songs and continued during the autumn I wrote by myself and met some people along the way you know. It takes a while to write some songs, it’s not every day it comes and sometimes you are really into it and other times you have to wait a while.  I gather a lot of songs during the autumn, late winter and went to see Billy Sheenhan and wrote some songs together and which settled on one song. And I continued to write so let’s say for about three quarters of a year and little during 2017. I had a bunch of songs and in the end when I met with the producer and he says no, not that one, not that one Ok (Laughter)

IMM: But you can over ride the producer on which songs you want?

Martina: Yeah, but I still listen to him because he and I are thinking the someway. So if he has something he wants to put that aside and write something new and then we had something like twelve songs and that was it. So we took the best of them.

IMM: One of the song writers you worked with was Billy Sheenhan. Why did you choose Billy?

Martina: Because I have always been a fan of Mr. Big. And when I heard that we should go on tour last year with The Winery Dogs and when I heard he was with the band which I never heard before. I was so happy he was in the band, I spoke to him during the tour and turned out he is the most humble and adore and lovely man when you meet him. So when I was writing the new songs I could send him a email and asked if will co-write with me. And I didn’t expect him to reply to my email and he did and I went to Los Angeles in January. And we wrote some songs together that I am really happy about. I took the chance to ask him. I’ve been listening to Mr. Big and the next day you are sitting next to him.

IMM: Which song did you write with him that is on the album? And how many songs did you write with him?

Martina: “Alive” and I think three songs. I was there only for a week and is not that you pick all the songs you write together but I think “Alive” was the best of them

IMM: This album is a continuation from Unity and that is a power rock record. Couple of the songs stood out to me and what is your take on them? The first one is “We Are Align”, it seems the lyrics are on a political message?

Martina:  It has nothing to do with political issues at all but it might seem so. It has to do with the world view without the politics and I want to reach to the people who listen and say that you are much more than you think you are. So my aim is to give people hope that we have so much potential and at times what it feels like when it’s hard

IMM:  And “Face The Mirror? Is about where everyone can relate to their own personal situations, experiences, emotions and choosing? Look at yourself in the mirror and keep your integrity strong.

Martina: It’s about not to ask other people about the right solution for you because you have the answers to your own questions

IMM: A couple of the other songs on the album such as “Set You Free” and “Invincible”?

Martina: “Set You Free” is about you are in a place in life that you are not happy and I don’t know why like I am at work, at work that I hate and not living the life that I want to. I am trying to reach out to people that you can do much more in your life than you thought you could because if you question yourself and have the courage to take the step what you really want to do, there is an opening for it if you just believe it sort of speak

IMM: And “Invincible” and “Lay Down Your Arms”?

Martina: For “Lay Down Your Arms”, in times like it is right now, I thought it be good to reach out and think a step ahead and think if we get something like that. For “Invincible” I can tell you actually is a little story about myself. Many years ago I woke up one morning and have you ever been in a state where you are sleeping, waking up and in that middle part kind of sleeping but waking up but not fully waking up, but in the stage you are in the middle? I woke this morning and must have been falling asleep one second later and still awake, but I was dreaming because I saw my room as I was lying there in my bed and I saw three people coming into my room and stood at the foot of my bed and grabbed my ankles. Grabbed them so hard I screamed so hard I woke up and saw the same room as I saw it exactly in my dream, and I thought it was kind of scary because I didn’t know if I was awake or a sleep

IMM: You did some shows at England with the band Red line. Was the opportunity offered to open for them and to perform some of the new songs?

Martina: You know, were there last year and they are such wonderful people and they wanted me to come back. So we asked if you want us to come back the response was the people wanted to see me. So we set up a little tour for a week and several bands wanted to go along with us as a support band and finally he hooked up the guys of Red line who I never heard of before and is fantastic guys and was pleasure to go with them for a week. That is how it went and they are easy going people to travel around with.

IMM: Are you going to do any shows at Sweden?

Martina: No, unfortunately not because Sweden is quite hard and there are so many good quality bands coming from Sweden, so many albums and good music from here. Mainstream radio is not playing the kind of music I do or other bands might do. So is quite hard to play at places here I think it is more open minded for the genre if we go abroad. It’s a shame actually because we always wanted to tour Sweden so maybe in the future

IMM: Are there other countries at Europe that are being discussed for you to perform?

Martina: Yes it is and we a working on that. And we get emails asking to come from Europe and South America so hopefully we go someday.  I like to come back to the US

IMM: That was my next question, are there plans for to come back to the US?

Martina: I really want to but is a big project

IMM: And Canada too?

Martina: Absolutely!

IMM: I hope you do perform here for this album and taking the time for the conversation and was good talking to you

Martina: Thank you

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