Concert Review- Blues Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist Samantha Fish Live at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall October 18, 2017

Concert Review- Blues Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist Samantha Fish Live at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall October 18, 2017

Samantha Fish Press PhotoSamantha Fish is an American blues singer-songwriter and guitarist from Kansas City, Missouri. Fish released her fourth solo album, Chills & Fever on March 17, 2017.

Whether one leans towards the blues, opts for Americana or ignites some special fervor by playing with a garage band, there’s a common bond that suggests a reverence for the roots. Looking back towards an earlier template — no matter what the genre – – proves the point that appreciating what came before can be a stepping stone for what comes next.

Samantha came to the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall October 18, 2017, and screamed the blues through her guitar like it an old man sitting on a porch in Mississippi playing his life story. Sam brings along on this tour some great musicians in Kenny Tudrick – drums, Chris Alexander – bass, Mark Levron – Trumpet, Travis Blotsky – Sax, Phil Breen – Keys. 

She came on stage smoking from the get go AND her and the bands playing was smokin’ as well. She plays like an old soul is inside her bursting to get out, and that was eminent from the first note she played in the song “He did it“. She belted out tunes from her new album like, “Never Gonna Cry” and “Hurts All Gone“.  Her bracing bluesy voice is both a breath of fresh air and as smooth as silk as they played “Little Baby”  It’s not that the songs she sings are necessarily happy, but she presents them in such a soulful, unaffected way. It’s an oddity, but a wonderful one.

The 28-year-old Fish uses her fully-refined singing voice and guitar playing to wow the audience and to stand up and cheer her masterful playing after every song. She played many songs off the NEW album “Chills and Fever” and when asked about the songs in our interview with her, she stated. Interview with Samantha Fish

The NEW album is comprised of hits that weren’t technically hits. Some are familiar, but most were fairly obscure at the time. We felt like every song had a hook and great melody. This was an opportunity to take timeless, classic songs and redo them in our own way. In a way, I wanted to breathe life back into songs that needed to be heard again. 

Misson complete!! You have to see this show to get what she is talking about, It is a refreshing night of great song sung by an even better singer, backed by one of the best bands you will ever hear live… THIS IS A MUST SHOW!

Set list:

He did it
Chills & Fever
You Cant Go
Blame it on the Moon
You’ll never Change
Little Baby
Either Way I Lose
Lost Myself
Hello Stranger
Nearer to you
Crow Jane

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