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Interview – 10 Years Brian Vodinh is not numb to the hype of (how to live) AS GHOSTS, Out 10/27

Interview – 10 Years Brian Vodinh is not numb to the hype of (how to live) AS GHOSTS, Out 10/27

Tour Leg Commences In Nashville At Marathon Music Works on
November 28 Following Co-Headline Tour With Red
10 Years has confirmed plans to expand the band’s itinerary with a run as direct support for Chevelle beginning on November 28 at Nashville’s Marathon Music Works.  Throughout September and Early-October, headline dates will be staged, leading in to a co-headline leg with RED that begins on October 17 at Pittsburgh’s Diesel, and wraps up on November 11 in Indianapolis at The Vogue.
The October 27 global release via Mascot Records of the band’s new studio album (how to live) AS GHOSTS welcomes back band members Brian Vodinh (guitar/drums) and Matt Wantland (guitar).  Singer Jesse Hasek reflects, “It’s funny.  I named our last record From Birth to Burial (2015) because I thought it was our final record.  It just didn’t feel like 10 Years without Brian and Matt, and having them back is really a reunion of the core writing team.  This new record actually feels like a real rebirth for the band.”
The lead single, titled “Novacaine,” can be heard here:  Hasek offers, “Six albums and a hundred songs in, I wondered if I’ve already written my best stuff.  But at some point, you start to get real adult problems. You see people go from such optimism in their 20s to having life just beat them down later. I think we all kind of get desensitized and numb to life on some level. That’s what this song is about.”
While Vodinh handled drums and guitar on the new album, he’s switching to just the guitar for the live shows, moving Chad Huff from guitar to bass, while Kyle Mayer stays on drums. “We’re bringing it back to the way it should be,” says Vodinh, who left the band due to family commitments in 2013. “It feels great to be back with these guys and we’re in such a good place musically and creatively.”
That better place stems, in part, from a more collaborative writing process. “It used to be that just Jesse and I would write the full song, and the other guys would add a little spice to it. This time, we’re starting the writing process as a full band. Sometimes it starts with a riff. Sometimes it starts with a vocal. Our formula is no formula, and it kind of works. And, we work together in a constructive and healthy environment now,” explains Vodinh.  The result is a dynamic and multi-dimensional 10 Years’ album.  Hasek reflects, “In the past, I’ve written a lot of songs that were pretty ambiguous. But on this record, I’m comfortable being direct and talking about things that are important to me now. I’m older and find myself reflecting on the world more, especially after having traveled the globe.  I’ve crossed paths with a lot of people, and perspectives shared have been enlightening for me as I look at The World, and see what’s going on around me.  With the title track, “(how to live) AS GHOSTS”, was inspired by traveling and seeing all the political, social, and religious turmoil.  It had me thinking about how many people are judging and preparing for death but are actually missing life. And, instead of using spirituality for good, a lot of people use it to point fingers and judge. Instead of worrying where we end up in the end, we need to focus on the now and the humanity.”
(how to live) AS GHOSTS feels like a new start for the band. There is a brighter side to it that reflects the reality that individually and collectively they are all in a really happy, optimistic, and exciting place about music and life. They share, “We’re ready to see how the world embraces the new album and a rejuvenated 10 Years.”
9/20      Peoria, IL                                                        Crusens (10 Years Headline)
9/21Ashwaubenon, WIGreen Bay Distillery WZOR Edgefest +
9/22     Rockford, IL                                                   District +
10/13   Knoxville, TN                                                 Mill & Mine, +
10/14   Winchester, VA                                              Blue Fox Billiards <
10/15   Morgantown, WV                                           Schmitt’s <
10/17   Pittsburgh, PA                                                Diesel *
10/19   Lancaster, PA                                                  Chameleon Club *
10/20   Lynchburg, VA                                               Phase 2 *
10/21   New York, NY                                               Highline Ballroom *
10/23   Greensboro, NC                                              The Blind Tiger *
10/25   Darlington, SC                                                Carolina Night Live *
10/26   Atlanta, GA                                                     Masquerade *
10/27   Destin, FL                                                       Club LA 99 Rock show w/ Pop Evil *
10/28   Cape Coral, FL                                                Dixie Roadhouse – 93X show w/ Pop Evil *
10/29   Orlando, FL                                                    House of Blues *
10/31   Baton Rouge, LA                                            Varsity Theatre *
11/02   Lexington, KY                                                Manchester Music Hall *
11/03   Cincinnati, OH                                                Bogart’s *
11/04   Sauget, IL                                                        Pop’s *
11/05   Joliet, IL                                                          The Forge *
11/07   Kansasville, WI                                               1175 *
11/08   Detroit, MI                                                      St. Andrews Hall *
11/10   Ft. Wayne, IN                                                 Piere’s *
11/11   Indianapolis, IN                                              The Vogue *
11/28   Nashville, TN                                                  Marathon Music Works =
11/29   Mobile, AL                                                     Soul Kitchen =
12/01   Dallas, TX                                                       Southside Ballroom =
12/02   Houston, TX                                                   Revention Music Center =
12/04   Birmingham, AL                                             Iron City =
12/05   Charlotte, NC                                                  The Fillmore Charlotte =
12/06   Raleigh, NC                                                    The Ritz =
12/11   Grand Rapids, MI                                           20 Monroe Live =
12/14   St. Paul, MN                                                   Palace Theatre =
12/17   Chicago, IL                                                     House of Blues =
* Co-Headline dates with RED
< Headline w/ Otherwise supporting
+ 10 Years headline
= Supporting Chevelle

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