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‘All Good Things’ return with their 8th studio album ‘Machines’ due for release on October 20th!

‘All Good Things’ return with their 8th studio album ‘Machines’ due for release on October 20th!

All Good Things’ return with their 8th studio album ‘Machines’ due for release on October 20th!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAlbum premiered on Tattoo 17th Oct
Machines is a hard-hitting record from start to finish. Combining heavy riffs, catchy hooks and crushing grooves with powerful vocals, it is an album that will have you tapping your foot through the whole experience.
Liz Hooper says “With our new album ‘Machines’, we have tried to stay true to the spirit and energy that won our fans over in the first place. We glorify the underdog, going all in despite the odds, surviving the unsurvivable battles, and then balls out gloating in victory!”
For fans of: Thirty Seconds To Mars, Imagine Dragons, Asking Alexandria

Track Listing:
1) Machines
2) Never Die
3) Beginning Of The End
4) Born Ready
5) Break Through This Wall
6) What Have I Become
7) For The Glory
8) We Shall Overcome
9) Decimator

With its humble beginnings in the dark safety of the recording studio, creating epic theatrical rock for games, movies, and trailers under the banner of “BATTLE ROCK”,  the band ‘All Good Things’ was born.
Touring musicians, producers, songwriters, artists, and friends – this group of seasoned music industry players began the project for the simple pleasure of making music together but stumbled upon a sound and an energy that quickly went viral.
‘All Good Things’ have had their music featured in TV, film, gaming, live sporting events and advertising all over the world. They have hundreds of thousands of social media followers across YouTube, Facebook and Spotify,  spanning across Poland, France, Australia, USA, Brazil, Norway, Germany, and ever increasing across the globe. With big hooks, heart palpitating tracks and lyrics that drive you to “Get up”, “Fight’ and “Never Surrender”, All Good Things have inspired a grass roots, super loyal fan base that continues to grow daily.
Dan Murphy – Vocals,Guitar (The Aftershow, Shaun White)
Andrew Bojanic – Guitar,Vocals (Avril Lavigne, Jason Mraz)
Liz Hooper – Bass,Keyboard,Vocals (Liz Phair, Britney Spears)
Miles Franco – Guitar,Bass, Vocals (The Goodnight, The Gutter Daisies)
Randy Cooke – Drums (Dave Stewart, Ian Gillan, Ringo Star)
Occasional members
Joe Pringle – Vocals (Neon Hymns, Tiesto)
Phil X – Guitar,Vocals (Bon Jovi, Rob Zombie)
Tim Spier – Drums (Kyle Gas Band, Say No More)
Socials: (All Good Things Playlist @ Superpop.Co label)
Music Usage:
All Good Things’ have had thousands of usages around the world in film, TV and radio. Here are some of the things their music has been featured on.
WWE (Main Event, NXT, Smackdown)
UFC Main Event
Impact Wrestling
Spartan Race
So You Think You Can Dance
WWE 2K17 (videogame) wrestler themes
Major 2017 PGL E Sports
Kingdom (TV show)
Dragon’s Dogma (video game)
Bones (TV show)
Fairytail (Anime/Manga)
Godgoku (Anime/Manga)
Prison Break (TV show)
Bloodborne (video game)
The Push Challenge (Reality Show)
Falling Skies (TV show)
Quantico (TV show)
Chicago Fire (TV show)
HBO (show promos)
Showtime (show promos)
Vampire Diaries (TV show)
Fate Zero (Anime)
Flashpoint (TV show)
WWE Battleground 2014 (Theme)
Battlefield 1 (Trailer)
Sony Playstation (Ads)
Planetside (Game Terran Republic Theme Song)
WWE (The Undertaker Theme Song)
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