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Concert Review- Queens Of The Stone Age bring the Rock to Red Rocks.

Concert Review- Queens Of The Stone Age bring the Rock to Red Rocks.

The be all to end all of the concert venues, Red Rocks, in Morrison Colorado is a bucket list venue worldwide for concert goers! This also happened to be on the top of my bucket list as well, as seeing Queens of the Stone Age at Red Rocks was. So when I heard they were coming to Red Rocks I had to go, and they did not disappoint!

Royal Blood opened the floor in this beautiful outdoor venue, even though there was snow on the ground the day before they warmed the crowd up, when “Lights Out” came on. The crowd of almost 10,000 people squealed with excitement (myself included). Earlier that day I got to meet Mike Kerr (Royal Blood), and we both shared our excitement about being at Red Rocks.

After Royal Blood, heavily hyped the crowd, Queens finally came out started the night with “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” off their new album “Villains”. The night was mixed with classics like “Little Sister”, “Go with the Flow”, “Sick,Sick,Sick”, and newer songs like “Un-reborn Again”, “Domesticated Animals”, and “Head like a haunted house”. My favorite songs of the night were the more emotional sets like “I Appear Missing” and “Villains of Circumstance”, I swayed in the crowd while everyone sang along. Mikey Shoes, bass lines were heavy hitting during “I appear missing” and everyone’s showmanship was on point. Jon Theodore’s welcomed drum solos, had everyone strumming along. Josh was super friendly sharing stories with the crowd, bantering with a pregnant concert goer, also giving her advice for her new baby, as well offering to be the God Father.

Everyone was in good spirits, and even though there were 10,000 people there it was one of the most intimate shows that I have seen Queens in, Red Rocks held up to its legendary reputation and delivered a phenomenal night I will remember forever. So if you ever have the chance to check out that venue I suggest it, Rain or Shine, Hot or Cold, it’s amazing. Now I will leave you with this bit of advice from the Ginger Elvis himself that he gave to all of us that wonderful night “Live in the now, because the past is already over, and the future is always five minutes away, so now is really all we f***ing got.”

Review and photos by Ashley Loth

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