The Undead come out in droves to catch Hollywood Undead on the V Tour.

The Undead come out in droves to catch Hollywood Undead on the V Tour.

Rap/Rock group Hollywood Undead rolled into Maverick’s Live Friday night bringing two opening acts that couldn’t have been more different. The night kicked off with Demrick, a rapper from Philadelphia. He is recognized as a protege of B-Real of Cypress Hill and rapper Xzibit. Demrick performed mostly original songs as well as a cover of House of Pain’s “Jump Around” and Cypress Hill’s “Rock Superstar”.

Up next was the heavy metal band, Butcher Babies. Fronted by Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey their set was the complete opposite of Demrick’s. They opened up with “Burn the Strawman” off their latest album “Lilith”. Nobody headbangs quite like Heidi and Carla which makes their set so much fun to watch. They also played songs “The Butcher”, “The Huntsman”, and “#iwokeuplikethis”. Butcher Babies followed that up with a medley of songs “They’re Coming to Take Me Away”, “Igniter”, and “Magnolia Blvd” before closing out with “Headspin” and “Underground and Overrated”.

Finally, it was time for headliners Hollywood Undead to take the stage. Before that, they revealed their backdrop which looked like a huge Hollywood sign flanked with palm trees on both sides. The drum set and keyboard were also elevated to give fans a better view. With their signature masks on Hollywood Undead burst onto the stage opening with songs “Whatever It Takes” and “Usual Suspects” before continuing with their classic “Undead”. The masks came off for their latest single “California Dreaming” which is a perfect combination of the rap/rock sound the band is known for, They then played “Been to Hell” another classic off their 2011 album “American Tragedy” as well as fan favorite “Coming In Hot” off the same album. The band even pulled a fan out of the audience to help them with the latter song and honestly he fit right in. It was hard to tell that he was just a fan and not a member of the band. “He is definitely getting laid tonight”, the band members joked as the fan exited the stage. The crowd stayed pumped throughout the entire set even when the band slowed things down to pay tribute to the late Tom Petty by doing a beautiful cover of “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”. Up next was “Bullet” an upbeat pop song which energetic vocals, a huge contrast to the song’s dark lyrics about suicide. Fans sang along and waved their hands anyways. It is a fun song despite the dark content which is one of the things that makes Hollywood Undead so unique. The band then played “Another Way Out” and “Party By Myself”, two more uptempo pop songs which had the entire audience dancing along. The band then did a complete 180 by closing out the set with the hardcore rap/rock song “Day of the Dead”. After giving fans a couple minutes to catch their breath, Hollywood Undead came back for an encore. Performing classics “Everywhere I Go” off their first album “Swan Songs” and “Hear Me Now” off “American Tragedy”.

All in all Hollywood Undead puts on one hell of a show mixing it up with songs from pretty much every genre of music. Notably missing from the set were classics “Black Dahlia” and “No. 5”, but that did not take anything away from the show. The audience never stopped dancing or singing along with the band. Even people who aren’t fans of rap or pop music still participated and had a good time, It is a good thing Hollywood Undead seems to like stopping in Jacksonville on every tour. They are such a fun band to see live and have yet to disappoint their fans.

Review by Jessica Morano

Photos by Bryan J. Corder

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