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Rik Emmett performs electric-acoustic of Triumph songs at Southern California Canyon Club

Review and photos by Craig Newman         

Canadian guitarist master Rik Emmett of Triumph performed 90 minutes with his music partner David Dunlop on guitar  on October 5, 2107 talking about the songs and having fun with the audience laughing when telling what it was like with fame, getting older and performing  Triumph songs with  some of non-Triumph songs from his other music projects.  Opening the show with “Hold On” then to “Petite Etude” and “Lay It On The Line”.   Dave sang on his song “Monarch Girl” and other non-vocals songs such as “Red Hot”. The audience also joined singing Tom Petty’s “Free Falling” due to his recent passing and the Cars “Just What I needed”.  Even though he was getting requests he said he sticking to his set list he calls the “skuzzy six”. For this show he had an opening performance which he usually does not have so he can have two 45 minutes sets. He mention other music he performed such as country when he was young, what to add to the Triumph albums that Mike Levine and Gil Moore asked him if he any other songs which gave their album a mix of rock, blues and classical.

At 64 years old he says needs more rest (joking) and performed The Beatles “When I’m 64”, also performed Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way”, Triumph’s first US radio single followed by “Midsummer’s Daydream”. Ending the show was the popular on “Magic Power”, “Fight the Good the Fight” and “Ordinary Man” with the encore of “Suitcase Blues”.

It is a true magical time with Rik with so much music from the Triumph catalog he could perform including from his solo albums. He is such influence on other guitarist and musicians for eternity.

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