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Nothing More leaves nothing left on the stage at Mavericks live in Jacksonville.

Nothing More leaves nothing left on the stage at Mavericks live in Jacksonville.

20170927-DSC_7696Nothing More made a stop at Jacksonville’s Mavericks Wednesday night along with opening bands My Ticket Home, Palisades, and Hell or Highwater. The show opened with Ohio based band My Ticket Home. Their music can be described as a combination of metalcore and hardcore punk, although they have described their newer songs as “nu metalcore”. Palisades, a post-hardcore band that hails from New Jersey, performed next. This band is known for their variety of covers such as Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” and My Chemical Romance’s “House of Wolves”. They closed out their set with their hit single “Let Down” which is in heavy rotation on Sirius XM’s Octane channel. Hell or Highwater was the last opener to perform. The California band, which is a side project of Atreyu drummer, Brandon Saller, gave a fun and energetic performance. Vocalist Brandon Saller even performed a song from the crowd, running throughout the entire venue while stopping to give hugs and high fives to the audience. Their single “I Want it All” has also been on heavy rotation on Octane.


Finally, headliners Nothing More came out opening with “Christ Copycat”. Lead vocalist, Jonny Hawkins puts on quite a show barefoot! The band performed songs “Let it Burn” and “Don’t Stop” off their latest album, The Stories We Tell Ourselves (released September 15th) before giving bassist, Daniel Oliver the spotlight for a solo on the “Bassinator”. This is when Oliver places his bass in the stand, while he and guitarist, Mark Vollelunga start picking away with Hawkins soon joining them with drums sticks to hammer away on the bass’ body. Next was their latest hit “Go to War” before slowing things down with a beautiful performance of ballads “Just Say When”, “I’ll Be Ok” and “Here’s to the Heartache” as well as the song “Jenny” from their self-titled album. This song was written about Hawkin’s sister, Jenna, who struggles with mental illness. Nothing More closed out the night with fan favorite “Ocean Floor/Ballast” and an amazing cover of the Skrillex song “First of the Year” complete with Hawkins elevated on a stage piece known as “The Scorpion Tail”. It is a jagged extension off of the drums that curves resembling a scorpion’s tail. The band built the piece themselves and it is controlled by levers that Hawkins uses to mix the electronic sounds. Last but certainly not least, they played “Salem (Burn the Witch)” from their 2009 album The Few Not Fleeting. Nothing More is such an interesting band, both musically and performance wise. Hawkins seems to play off the crowd’s energy which makes seeing them in a smaller venue a bit more intimate and that much better. Looking forward to hearing more from this band as they continue to gain popularity.





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