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Interview- Texas duo Smithfield mix their influences of rock and country for their genuine, natural on and off stage chemistry.

Interview- Texas duo Smithfield mix their influences of rock and country for their genuine, natural on and off stage chemistry.

Smithfield-0089-Edit-2The duo was formed in 2011. Trey Smith and Jennifer Fiedler talk about how they got together and plans for their new album. Plus opening for some Country’s established artists such as Dustin Lynch, Jana Kramer, Scott McCreery, Eric Paslay and Brothers Osborne. Their new single “When You’re Gone” was released on June 23 with the EP due this fall.  The duo took time to talk to Ignite Music Magazine to talk about how they met, their songs and the next album.

Interview by Craig Newman

IMM:  Thanks for answering some questions.  First, you both met at a New Year’s party? Trey, some of your influences of rock bands and musicians and Jennifer your influences of country artists? 

We did. Our parents hosted a New Years Eve party every year together and we met there when we were 10 and 12 years old.

Trey: Goo Goo Dolls are my all time favorite band, Boston, and the Eagles. 

Jennifer: My biggest influences would have to be Faith Hill, Leanne Rimes, and Shania Twain!

 IMM:  Both of you performed in different groups before deciding to perform together and how was the name chosen for the duo?

Jennifer: Yep! I did a solo thing for a while and Trey was in a rock band prior to Smithfield. Our name is a combination of our last names.

Trey “Smith” and Jennifer “Field”er

 IMM:  Of course moving to Nashville to keep your passion burning, did you perform at the Blue Bird café where other artists such as Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift performed?

Trey: We actually have performed at Blue Bird several times as well as many other writers rounds in Nashville. That is really where we started when we first moved was in the writers community. Garth is one of my heroes too so its cool to have played where some of your heroes have before.

IMM: And performing at various cities over the years you signed to Big Picture Group but the label closed in 2014. So that disappointed when opportunities started to open? Is when you decided to release the EP and B- sides on your own on Spotify?

Trey: We signed a record deal really early on when we moved to Nashville before we started touring all over the country. We had no music out when they closed and had only been playing in Nashville for a few years with a few opportunities here and there to go open for some bigger acts. Jenn and I decided after that label closed, that we weren’t going to wait around for another label to come in and do everything for us. We were gonna make something happen on our own. 

Jennifer: We wanted to build something special and lay the groundwork down for the next opportunity to partner with a label. So the last 3 years have been nothing but pure hard work. We let our fans raise the money to do an EP, we started touring like crazy, put out a music video on CMT, made our “Grand Ole Opry” debut, then Sirius XM and Spotify started to support our music. All these opportunities came after the label closing. We are both extremely proud of what we have been able to do on our own and feel that we are building something that is going to last many many years and not be a “flash in the pan”.  

IMM: The first single “Hey Whiskey” is about using alcohol and the affects to numb the pain and relaxation for people to handle emotions?

Jennifer:”Hey Whiskey” is a heartfelt song about a relationship that can’t move on because this substance stands in the way of them being together, but also moving on. It is an emotional whirlwind for the listener. Many people have experienced this situation personally or know someone who has. 

 IMM:   The references other songs such as “When You’re Gone”, “You Don’t Know How”, “Cooler”, “If I Were You” and “Slippin’”?   “Good Ol Days” is remembering happy times of the past not knowing what the future will be such as childhood memories and our dreams?

Trey: Yeah, for sure. These songs are snapshots of memories we have either experienced personally or about someone we know who has. We try share our stories and our lives through our music. 

 IMM: You are currently on touring in the Mid-West and east coast as the opening act and headlining?  And plans to come to go to the west coast as an opening act or headliner? 

Trey: We both love the West Coast, and want to come out more often for sure. Hopefully, we can make that happen in 2018! We are really all over the country doing both headlining and opening shows! We just came out of summer festival season which has been incredible stages and some of the biggest names in Country Music! 

 IMM: Are there other songs you perform that are not the EP?

Jennifer: Oh yeah! We do fun pop and country covers, old school country and rock covers, and also mix in some new tunes of ours to try out and see the response! There is something for everyone in our show!

IMM:  Are there talks currently to have new album on another label / distributor for 2018?

Trey: We have new music coming for sure in 2018, and our currently planning on a release for it! 

Jennifer: We want to partner with the right label when it’s the right time. A team that believes in us and is ready to go to radio.  If 2018 presents that opportunity for us then we will be excited to partner with them. 

IMM: When writing the songs do you both work on the music arraignments and the lyrics? 

Trey: Yeah. We both work as a team in the writer’s room. Every day is different for sure, but Jenn’s strength is lyrics, and mine is typically melody. But depending on the day and the song we are both capable of both. We do try to always have a title or idea before each write.

 IMM: Have you been pranked on stage from those you have performed with or pranked them?

Trey: Yeah on the Sirius XM highway tour right before “Hey Whiskey” our tour mates brought out a ton of Whiskey Shots for us right before we sang it! 

IMM: Thanks for your time the fabulous music you are creating

Trey: Thank you, Glad you dig it!

Jennifer: Appreciate it, Thank you!

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