Album review- Nothing More “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” Out 9/15.

Album review- Nothing More “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” Out 9/15.

Nothing More…Ground Breaking In So Many Ways!!


Nothing More is well, you can call them a ground breaking band. Ground breaking in two senses. One, when the play, they hit it so hard the ground will crumble beneath you like a musical earthquake. Two, They are ground breaking in that they don’t hold back musically, and they are all about taking their music and sound to the next level. A level that some will like and some will not.

This is just what they did with their new album coming out tomorrow ” The Stories We Tell Ourselves”, They are breaking new ground musically, vocally and instrumentally as well. Jonny Hawkins and the guys (Mark Vollelunga (guitar), Daniel Oliver (bass) and Ben Anderson (drums), went to a level I don’t think they were thinking they could hit. The band really dug deep on this one and crafted an album that some die hard Nothing More fan may not get at first, but after listening to it a few times through just may get what the band was thinking and wanting to convey. The album rings through of progressive rock to pop, but the guy crafted it like a fine piece art, that just gets better with every listen.

The band really does try to break the mold a bit with some of the songs.

Many times there is a disconnect between the stories we tell ourselves about reality and reality itself. That disconnect is a void where suffering and self-frustration often enter our lives.” Hawkins explains.

I am sure you have heard the singles they have put out already that have been getting rave reviews and hitting the charts high. The one that has been getting the most recognition is “Go To War“, which was even used for the planet of the Apes movie. “Let’ Them Burn” is another single out that is getting great coverage, that song here is so intense that your ears will explode with energy and if you like that one you are going to really like “Ripping Me Apart”, this one has some deep meaning behind it, just listen to it and Jonny really sing it well, it is one of the down and dirty grungy songs, with I like.

The bend definitely went to the mix of electronic and organic instrumentation sound on this album, this is the one thing the diehard fans may have to adjust to like I did.

Don’t Stop” is another song that hits hard in so many ways and has grooves that catch you and never let you go throughout the song, it is insane.

“I think ‘Don’t Stop’ is totally genre-bending for us; we find inspiration in so many different kinds of music and felt it was important to not make rules about what we could or couldn’t do with this record,” says Hawkins

Just Say When” is probably the most sentimental song we’ve ever written and it came at a time when I had these overwhelming feelings of frustration about a past failed relationship. I needed an outlet to get it all out,” says Hawkins.

“‘Funny Little Creatures‘ is about waking up to the fact that there are these creatures that you have within yourself and that there’s often a lot more going on in our subconscious than we consider.” These ideas are mirrored in the artwork which ties directly into the central themes behind The Stories We Tell Ourselves.

“This album definitely goes to a lot of places that we’ve never been before and I’m really proud of that,” Vollelunga explains.

The Great Divorce” and “Still In Love” are going to be your more poppy songs that have a few catchy moment to them that you may grab hold of. “Just say when” is a little change of pace at the right time, It an acoustic little ditty that let you breathe between songs. It is a refreshing song that grounds you back to earth.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves” proves to all of us that even if our stories don’t always have a happy ending there’s a beauty in their very existence.” You can tell by the passion and heart the band put into the album that they have all went through something hard and have climbed their way out of the depth of sadness and have put it into something positive that other can relate to and get something good and relate to it as they didn’t in the song..”fadeinfadeout“.

This album one of  you can not judge by just listing to it a few time, give it a chance and give it a good run through 5-6 time and you will get it.


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