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Concert Review- Lifehouse-Switchfoot are still “Looking For Summer” in Orlando.

Concert Review- Lifehouse-Switchfoot is still “Looking For Summer” in Orlando.

Lifehouse and Switchfoot have been “Looking For Summer” in the sunshine state of Florida, But they have not been really lucky at finding a sunny summer. After being poured on the stop before in Miami and the night starting off not so good with rain in Orlando on the day they were supposed to play at the Orlando Amphitheater, BUT…. They had luck on their side tonight, and the rain stopped just before show time and stay away most of the show, with just a few sprinkles here and there.

Wet soggy fans of two of the most icon sounds in Alternative music lined up early to get a good spot to see them play one hell of a show that was non-stop hit after hit.

Switchfoot came out came out on stage and never looked back, playing to a crowd that sang every lyric to every song with the band. The guys had a great vibe going in and Jon Forman is one of the nicest guys you will ever see on stage, Jon and the band are all about the possible vibe and they project that in their music and out to the audience every show… tonight was no exception. They hit the fans with songs like “Hello Hurricane” and Your Love Is a Song. With a little of a surprise with Jason Wade of Lifehouse coming out to join the band on the final song Dare You to Move. Their show was Fantastic in every way, the energy, and the audience participation made for one memerable show.

Lifehouse was up next to hit the stage, They came out running and never looked back, They hit the fans with songs that made the band famous and fans going crazy to see them live. Lifehouse is just one of those bands you can just listen to and watch for hours and hours with songs like the big hit ” Hanging By a Moment” and doing an acoustic version of “Broken” which got the crowd swaying and lighters flickering. Lifehouse buts on a stellar show, they know who they are and don’t seem to veer from it. They play for their fans and it shows. This was one of the best shows of the year I have seen so far, and I see a lot of show.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend hitting this show up. Even the opener Bynna Elliot did a fantastic job opening up for the big boys, she came out and commanded that stage and worked the crowd, she is going to be one to watch for sure.

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