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Bridgeport, CT Alternative band The Town Hallpremiered their video for song “Backlash” on today!

Town Hall Crop Edit

The premiere can be seen here:

When Brian Larney of The Town Hall was recording his 5-song EP, his plan was to call it The Charm Offensive. That changed the day he stumbled across an old political button that read “America Needs J.F.K.”

It was simple, direct and America DOES need The Town Hall” says Larney , for whom The Town Hall is as much a pseudonym as a band name.

I prefer playing with a band to playing solo, but it’s always The Town Hall, regardless of who is on stage,” Larney says. “I like to say that ‘We are all the Town Hall,’ myself and the audience.”

Though America Needs The Town Hall isn’t a political album, that it was written in this time of political divide and social upheaval by a writer as introspective and sensitive as Larney, it’s little wonder that the state of the media and politics would be so reflected by his songs. Backlash was the writer’s reaction to the awful and unfortunate outcome of the Dallas protests last summer: “Everyone has lost it, the crowd loses sight. There’s five dead in Dallas tonight.”

Next up from The Town Hall, a light hearted comedic spoof for “No End In Sight,” co-directed and edited by the singer, who appears in the video as an Uber-style driver having the worst day ever. The video will be released to Vevo in September.

The full five-song American Needs The Town Hall EP is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and is available as a free download from

The Town Hall is:

Brian Larney

Kenny Cash

Jeff Hatcher

Adam Matlock

For More Information Please Visit:

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