Premiere- Ephemeris Full-Length From Icelandic Death Metal Collective; Record To See Release This Friday Via Unique Leader

Premiere- Ephemeris Full- Icelandic Death Metal Collective; Release Friday Via Unique Leader

his Friday, Icelandic death metal collective BENEATH will drop their blistering Ephemeris full-length via Unique Leader Records. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Fredrik Nordström (Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, At The Gates, etc.) at the acclaimed Studio Fredman in the fall of 2016, Ephemeris features new recruit Mike Heller (Malignancy, Control/Resist, Fear Factory) at the drum stool. The result is nine tracks of relentless brutality; an odyssey through the forthcoming millenniums of exponential colonization of planets and galaxies by human induced technology; a world where technology has gone way beyond the frontier of the imagination.
Hear the record in full courtesy of New Noise Magazine at THIS LOCATION.
Ephemeris will be released on August 18th via Unique Leader Records. Physical pre-ordersunnamed (24) are currently available at THIS LOCATION. For digital orders, visit the Unique Leader Bandcamp page HERE.
On Ephemeris, Wonderbox Metal commends the band’s, “condensed surgical brutality and forward-thinking intrigue.” Archiac Triad champions an, “extraordinary piece of music, which shows that neither stagnation nor experimentation can really put a dent in the life span of brutal death metal, as long as the vocals are deep and growling as all hell and you keep your complex riffing straight-forward.” In an 8/10 rating Dead Rhetoric notes, “Explosive, and sometimes surprisingly catchy, Ephemeris is some of BENEATH‘s finest material to date. A slim and focused release that allows the brutality to flourish without fear of numbing the listener’s senses, it’s ultimately the marriage of steamrolling aggression and sly melodies that give the band their strongest weapon.” Adds Last Rites of closing track “Multiangular” specifically, “It opens in a flurry of swirling rage and torment and slowly attacks that emotion with different musical approaches. Discordance, which the band finally realized is a helpful tactic, dominates the second swath alternating with diminished lead runs and then, with a bugle-like call from the lead guitar, the track descends into a blend of what they’ve done so well across the previous eight tracks. Drums remain intense, guitars display true melody, vocals continue to use almost laid-back rhythms and it’s all seamlessly blended together to create a finish that leads directly back to where it started.”
BENEATH was formed in 2007. The band released their first EP, Hollow Empty Void, in 2010 which landed them a record deal with Unique Leader Records. In 2012, BENEATH unveiled their debut full-length, Enslaved By Fear. The album was mixed by Daniel Bergstrand (Behemoth, In Flames, Meshuggah) at Dug Out studios in Uppsala, Sweden. In 2013, the band headed to Bialystok, Poland to record their second full length, The Barren Throne, with legendary death metal producers, Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawski, known for their work with bands like Decapitated, Vader, and Behemoth. The record dropped in April of 2014 to stellar reviews with No Clean Singing crowning it, “one of the best albums of the year,” hailing their special brand of, “dynamic, intricate death metal with a touch of somberness and depressive melody.” Angry Metal Guy concurred, “The Barren Throne is the culmination of …. [the] anti-religion, hate, death, blood, and gore of Enslaved By Fear only this time it’s dragged out across a lengthy eleven grueling abominations,” while The Sludgelord championed the record’s meticulous fusion of, “black, death, and a little bit of prog, all mixed within a cauldron of dark imagery and a tale of a dark being awakening and creating a world of despair and destruction.” 2017 welcomes Ephemeris.
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