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Exit Eden’s Anna Brunner talks about the debut album Rhapsodies Of Black

Exit Eden’s Anna Brunner talks about the debut album Rhapsodies Of Black

Exit Eden 2017_2 (c) Christian Barz_kleinExit Eden’s a female four-piece band, unites all attributes ascribed to the new millennium, cosmopolitan, self-confident, independent and ready do their very own thing. Four musicians/singers from four different countries that are Amanda Sommerville, Anna Brunner, Marina La Toracca and Clémentine Delauney. Release their debut album that is a mix super hits from Rihanna to Madonna, from Depeche Mode to Adele and much more is not just a cover album. It is putting the orchestra and opera arraignments that give a fresh sound to the songs.

German and American Anna Brunner talks about the new album Rhapsodies In Black that performs songs by other song writers and bands.


Interview by Craig Newman


IMM: Hi Anna, thank for your time to answer questions on the new album. Your voices are fabulous


AB: It’s my pleasure. Thank you for this compliment 🙂


IMM: First how did you ladies get together and who are the musicians and are they performing with you?


AB: For me it started out simply being a studio job. My friends from the production company Elephant Music who I work with a lot had the whole idea of rearranging pop songs and turning them into a symphonic metal style. They asked Amanda and me to sing the demos and I really liked the production and the new sound of the old familiar popsongs.

When they heard the recording they asked Amanda and me if we would like to be the real voices and members of this band and we both agreed. 

I had known Amanda from Avantasia and several other projects and I was very excited to be in a band with her. She had the idea to ask Marina, who had been a friend of hers. They had heard Clementine with one of her bands and asked her to join as well. She was up for it, too and our quartet of front women was complete.

After meeting all  girls it was clear that this was an amazing fit not only our personalities but also our voices matched really well. This was spot-on!


The band guys are actually all friends of mine. I’ve been playing in bands with some of them or just know them for quite a long time. I knew they would like this band since they’re all rockers and metal heads. And when I showed them the songs and asked them if they’d like to join they were total in. We had asked Evan K one of the guitar players to record some guitars for Rhapsodies in Black. He’s a really good guitarist and working with him is great so he was the first one set for our band.

And now they’re all ready to support us and rock with us at our upcoming live shows.


747_Exit_Eden_CMYKIMM: How many songs did you chose from and why these songs to put on the album?


AB: Oh, I can’t remember anymore how many there were… the crazy thing is once you think of songs you could put in your own style you come up with more and more ideas!

Since the whole idea came from our music producers they had chosen quite a lot of songs already but being part of the whole thing from the very beginning was great.

There are so many good songs out there but some of them just have the wrong arrangement or instruments or honestly the wrong singer performing it.

I am really glad to hear and read that some people say they like our version better than the original, ’cause this is exactly how I feel. Looking back now we notice that there are all kinds of songs from different styles, genres and eras but they all work. I believe that we really do show that every pop song can be turned into a great metal anthem.


IMM: The songs that stand out for me are “Skyfall”, “Total Eclipse” and “Paparazzi”


AB: Thank you 🙂


IMM: When performing dose the group also perform original songs and will be there an album of original songs?


AB: We have no idea where this road is gonna take us. For us it is really exciting to see Rhapsodies in Black being out there soon. 

We put so much energy and work in it and now it’s just time to let it cut it’s path.

 So these will definitely be the songs we’ll perform for now 🙂

For a 2nd album we have so many new cover ideas but we also consider making a CD with original songs… so let’s see where our journey will take us and cross that bridge when we come to it 😉


Exit Eden 2017_4 (c) Christian Barz_klIMM: The first video is for “Unfaithful”? Why this song first and are there plans for other videos and for which songs? Where was it filmed? How many days did take?


AB: To be honest, I think it was hard to chose a single because all song are so well known but are totally different the way we re-did them and all have a strong and powerful attitude. My favorite one actually is Unfaithful and I am glad it was chosen as our 1st single. I think it is just a great track and it makes things clear from the very beginning.

The video and photo shoot took place in a huge castle in northern Germany. It was an amazing location but freezing cold. I’m glad you can’t see our goosebumps in the video 😉

We had 2 days of video shoot and yes, we made more then one. We wanted to have a connecting storyline between all the videos and it was almost impossible that we actually made all of them happen. I don’t want to spoil it but you can be curious to see the rest of them 🙂


IMM: There are bands I am thinking of that this group would be a fit for to tour with such as Xandria, Nightwish, Sirenia and Amaranthe


AB: Yes, absolutely! I mean, this would be awesome!!!


IMM: The group is performing shows at Germany and Europe. Of course plans or discussing to perform at other countries? Is United States being discussed?


AB: I can’t wait to play the first live shows and I’m looking forward to our first tour like a child is looking forward to Christmas. I would be thrilled to tour the US and other countries. And if the request continues to be so high I hope that we will make it work. So please keep it up, everyone! 😉


IMM: Again the album is fabulous and thanks for your time and hope the group can make it to the US


AB: Thank YOU! Yes I hope this will happen! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for it and we will keep you posted. Rock on and horns up!!!



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