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Concert Review- Chevelle-Dinosour Pile-up and Black Map

Concert Review- Chevelle-Dinosour Pile-up and Black Map

Battle of the Three Piece Bands

Sells out the House Of Blues Orlando!!

Chevelle vs. Dinosaur Pile-up vs. Black Map

It was a rainy day in Orlando at The House Of Blues, but that is nothing different in Florida. But the huge line outside the venue waiting to enter to see three of the top three piece bands to hit the radio, one is a band that has been around for years and two new comers on the scene, did not seem to mind the rain, they were amped and ready to see the SOLD OUT show.

Black Map has been making quite the noise in the music scene, This band is one hell of a band. They are out supporting their new album ” In Droves ” (you can get it here). They came out blazin’ and brought the packed house throwing their fists up rocking out. Black Map is going to be a band to look out for and make sure you go see them on this tour or any other tour, they will blow your mind! Just like they did at this show.

Black Map Gallery

Dinosaur Pile Up was the next contender of what I call the battle of the 3 pieces bands. This band is making huge waves with their music, their song ” Eleven Eleven” hit the air waves and the band hit the stages running and didn’t look back. The hit the House Of Blues swinging and hitting hard. They threw as many punches as the fans could take and wanted. But at the end, the fans wanted more, and that is just what they got. Matt and the guys went for the knockout and blasted the crowd with hit after hit. This show was epic and it was going to be hard to top them in this fight.


Dinosaur Pile Up Photo Gallery

Chevelle was the final band to hit the stage, and in Chevelle fashion, they came out with fists a blazing and so did the fans, in the literal jam packed HOB, you could only see a sea of hand and horn in the crowd on the floor. The VIP balcony we pack to the hilt and rocking out to ever tune the band played. Chevelle went on a flurry of hard hitting tunes that Put the other bands on their heels and a little tipsy, they wanted to let them know they are still the heavy weight champs of the Three Piece Bands and to keep practicing. The knock out punch the put the belt around they waist was the final song ” Hat Off To The Bull”. IT WAS A DONE DEAL AFTER THAT! TKO



The show was one of the best I have ever seen at the HOB in Orlando and i’m am sure I am not the only one to think that.

Make sure you go see the dual of three great bands if you get a chance…It is one hell of a card!




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