Interview- Jibe talks “Epic Tales of Human Nature” New Album out Now and getting back together after a long break!

Interview- Jibe talks “Epic Tales of Human Nature” out Now and getting back together.

Legendary Dallas, Texas Rock band JIBE has released the Official Music Video for “We’ve Only Just Begun,”  off of their upcoming album, Epic Tales of Human Nature. OUT NOW !, Epic Tales of Human Nature was produced by Matt Noveskey (Blue October) and mixed by Grammy award-winning producer/engineer Toby Wright (MetallicaAlice In ChainsKorn).

We got a chance to ask a few questions about the new album and how it was to get back on stage after a little break for the guy. Lead Vocalist Joe Grah gave all the details !

Lead Vocalist Joe Grah gave all the details!


  • You guys just drop your new album on 6/9 “ Epic Tales of Human Nature” can you tell us a little about the album for those who have not heard it?

“Epic Tales Of Human Nature” is our new 13-song concept album that really encompasses what we all had to go through to find our way back to each other. The record reflects the lowest dark times of uncertainty as well as elevated moments of connection, strength, and possibility, it’s the story of us and it’s unfolding right now.



  • You had some big hitters producing and mixing this album, how was it having Matt Noveskey and Toby Wright on this one? Have you worked with any of them before?

Working with producer, Matt Noveskey at Orb Recording Studios in Austin was a really great experience, Matt enabled us to breath and create as a fluid in-the-moment live band, at the same time he became the fifth member enabling us to achieve greater heights in the recording studio. Toby Wright is a great artist and human, he truly understood how to paint this band into sonic balance and beauty.



  • What did Toby and Matt bring to the album that stands out and puts their fingerprint on it?

Matt brought a lot of great elements to the album, the one that immediately stands out to me is how amazing the bass turned out. Corey is a stellar bass player and Matt really understands how to maximize that effort to tape. Toby has so much incredibly impressive experience under his belt that he just instinctively knows how to put every little piece into this dynamically charged puzzle, without him we wouldn’t have achieved such a ear pleasing album.



  • Who did most of the writing for this album, and can you tell us a little bit how the whole album came together?

Toby wrote the majority of the music and I wrote all of the lyrics and melodies, however, we fully collaborate as a band to achieve the end result. The album began with Toby sending me riffs from Dallas and I’d write to those here in LA and send them back. Other tracks on the album were written in rehearsal sessions in Dallas, while the rest of the tracks materialized in the recording studio in Austin.



  • If there was one thing you could change on the album, what would it be?..If anything?

I wouldn’t change a thing, this is the first record I don’t have to look back on with regret or question, it honestly reflects the path.



  • What is the bands’ favorite song on the new album? And why?

Everyone has a different favorite, mine changes quite frequently, I never listen to my own music but this record has me bitch slapped from a fan perspective. Today it’s Girl On A Hill.



  • What is it like getting the band back together and playing again on the big stage after a long period way?

It’s as if we never left each other, we literally picked up right where we left of, of course a decade later. This band has a special bond that was developed over almost ten years of constant touring, it literally can’t be broken, and we’re grateful for that.



  • How has the band sound changed over the years, if any? Musically or vocally?

We’ve definitely retained our signature sound while evolving as an entity. My voice has evolved over the years so I’m now able to achieve a much more dynamic range in our songs.



  • Do you enjoy yourselves more as a band now more now, or back before the breakup?

Man, we had some really amazing and out of control crazy times back in the day, but we have a newly found respect and appreciation for each other now that allows us to enjoy each others company and create on whole other level.



  • The band has been around since 93’, How has the music industry changed for the good? And how has is changed for the bad?

The Internet has obviously changed the entire game in both good ways and bad, now anyone has access to the entire world, you can also create music from almost any device, there are positives and negatives with everything in life. It’s the age of focus and empowerment in a sea of clutter and I think that’s reason enough to make music with thought, depth, fire, and conviction.



  • What is coming up for the band in the near future, Time to plug shit!..LOL

We’re working on a documentary film with director, Mathew J.C. that will take the viewer through the bands years of birth, struggle, triumph, loss, and rebirth. We’ll also be touring to support the album and recording much more music. We hope to have a chance to connect with as many people as we can while continuing along our path.

Thanks for your time guys!

Thank you for taking the time to ask us these thoughtful questions.

Joe Grah – JIBE

About Jibe:

Line Up
Joe Grah – Vocals
Toby Bittenbender – Guitar
Ben Jeffries – Drums
Corey Tatro – Bass



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