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Rise Against and the Deftones teamed up to try to tear down Jacksonville’s newly built Daily’s Place Amphitheater.

Rise Against and the Deftones teamed up to try to tear down Jacksonville’s newly built Daily’s Place Amphitheater.

Rise Against and Deftones Summer Tour


Photo- Laurie Bedell Creamer

On June 24th, 2017, punk rock power houses Rise Against and the Deftones teamed up to try to tear down Jacksonville’s newly built daily’s place amphitheater. This co-headlining tour in support of the new album release from Rise Against. Wolves released on June 9th.

First up in the nearly 100 degrees heat was an up and coming band from Jersey, who was just joining the tour for the first time that day, Frank Iero and the Patience. a great break for them considering a recent accident that took them off the touring track for several months.



Thrice Gallery

Next up came Thrice, who has just recently back on the scene after a several year hiatus. Although the band has been around since 1998 it was many people’s first time to hear them and were pleasantly surprised at their performance. their setlist included Hurricane, Silhouette, Of Dust and Nations, Black Honey, Yellow Belly, The Long Defeat, The Window, The Earth Will Shake.


Deftones Gallery

Deftones turned up the heat and energy and the masses of people came out of the shade to fill in all the spaces. Be quiet and drive (far away) started out the set. Chino had no hesitation and on the second song, My Own Summer (Shove It) had already leaped off the stage and got into the mix with his fans. They played some old and some newer hits and the hot and sweaty fans enjoyed Swerve City, Digital Bath, Elite, Phantom Bride, You’ve seen the Butcher, Rocket Skates, Rosemary and, Back to School (Mini Maggit) bodies colliding in the pit everywhere as Chino crooned out and danced with the crowd the whole time. Although the venue was serious about the no crowd surfing rules a few people still attempted. Deftones finished out the set with Headup, Knife Party, Change (in the house of flies), Minerva.

Rise Against Gallery

As the temperature didn’t seem to falter neither did the entertainment. Rise Against took the stage with ready to fall and the crowd immediately went insane singing every word at the top of their lungs. Good Left Undone, re-education, and Satellite followed. Dancing on the crumbling precipice they began the Violence, the first new song of the evening. They jumped back to some of their tried and true sing-along anthems with Help and Give it all. The second new song of the evening and by far my favorite from the latest album, Breakdown. This hot new hit got the crowd moving and a circle pit broke out. Survive, was next up and just as the energy hit maximum the band walks off stage and Tim as he has in every show in the past returns to the stage with his acoustic guitar he then proceeds with his sermon of “I have nothing but hope. Hope in the generation. Hope in this future. I really think there are beautiful things happening. They might not happen tonight, tomorrow, or even next week. But there are seeds being planted, and that’s really beautiful if you look real hard. If you take nothing else away from this evening, I am not gonna sit here and tell you I know all the answers, cuz I don’t. But I will ask you of one thing, resist the urge to bury your head in the sand, cuz if you can do that, then were already a step in the right direction, were all remembering that people live here.” he then played a beautiful rendition of People lives here. The band rejoined the game and the burst into wolves the title track to their new album. Prayer of refugees, Make it stop, Savior rounded out the night and left the crowd wanting more.

Review and images by Laurie Bedell Creamer


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