New Video Release- LUCID AFTERLIFE Video Premiere Of “Intuition”

New Video Release- LUCID AFTERLIFE Video Premiere Of “Intuition”

Mind-altering groove rockers LUCID AFTERLIFE premiere their single / animated lyric video “In All That I See (Intuition)”. The Vancouver-based progressive group straddle hip-hop and rock fused into one musical vision. The collective efforts of Nat Jack at the helm, guitarist Thom Turner (Freya), Miles Morrsion on bass, and Matthew Shearlaw on drums. Instrumentally they draw on their myriad of influences including David Bowie, Monster Magnet, Wu-Tang Clan, Led Zeppelin, and finally A Perfect Circle.

“In All That I See (Intuition)” is their most cerebral single to off their 2016 release “Occult Mafia Mistress” and the pairing lyric video is a journey in itself.

Vocalist Jack Nat comments:

“The “Intuition” project is more than a song or a video it’s a testament to the truth that all dreams may surface into reality. In the video, the man with an owl on his chest came to me in a dream, followed by stranger synchronicity followed and so stemming from my journey comes this new legend. Accompanied by the compositions of Thom Turner and animated by the talented Matteus Toledo “In All That I See (Intuition)” is a rock & metal meditation into the universe within guided by illuminating visuals. Unlock the secrets of your soul with us, journey beyond all fears along our side and check out the rest of the EP titled Occult Mafia Mistress for a bigger picture into the secrets of Lucid AfterLife.”

To listen and watch the animated video for “In All That I See (Intuition)”, please visit the following link:

EP Order:

1. In All That I See (Intuition)
2. This Is Real

3. Retarded Owl
4. Don’t Waste My Time (Time Killaz)

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