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Interview/ Review- Soul Remnants “Ouroboros” Slays- Out 7/21

Interview/ Review- Soul Remnants “Ouroboros” Slays- Out 7/2

Hailing from the dark shadowed streets of Boston, MA, Soul Remnants is a death metal quintet making a name for itself in the underground scene.The band consisted of Mitch Fletcher – Vox, Tom Preziosi – Guitar, Chad Fisher – Guitar, Ryan Murphy – Bass, Colin Conway – Drums and formed in 2003 with Thomas Preziosi on guitar and Mitch Fletcher on vocals.

Their goal was to combine the raw intensity of American death metal with Scandinavian black metal, and I think they have done a pretty damn good job at it with Plague of the Universe that came out in 2009. Then following that up with Black and Blood in 2013, which saw one of the songs, “Dead Black (Heart of Ice)” hit the video game Rock Band 4 that was the games heaviest song.

In 2016, The band hit the studio once again to throw down some track for their third full-length album, titled Ouroboros. This is one beast of an album for sure and doesn’t hold back for anything, Tom Preziosi the guitarist for the band told Ignite, “We worked hard to make the best death metal album we could” and elaborating on the concept of the album,”The concept reflects an exaggerated reality. I was thinking one day about the path mankind is on, and just took it to a freakish level where mankind is mechanically force fed ideas and methodically sent to war.  Really not that far from the truth when you think about it.” He says “The thing ends up in a massive suicidal war inducing the extinction of humanity, so it’s a real happy ending.” When you listen to the album there is a lot to interpret for yourself, which make this album really intriguing and really get you thinking.

Ouroboros really hit the mark and you can’t call it Soul Remnants if it didn’t have old school, punishing guitar and drums and breakneck speed peppered throughout the whole thing. “The band is alway evolving,” said Tom. “I always want to feel like I came out of the process a better musician, and that all of the guys in the band gave it their all.”

There’s a couple sections on the album that are a departure from normal, namely the track titled “Decomposition” which is an acoustic interlude but overall, it is something you would expect from them.  They always have had a diverse group of songs on their albums so its like they have not been painted into a corner at all.

We asked Tom about the writing process for Ouroboros and he tells us.”I write the majority of the music.  Usually, I write a song, come up with a title and bring it to the guys.  Sometimes one of the other guys brings a song to the table, too.  Some songs come to rehearsal and they just feel “done” and we don’t need to do any restructuring.” he goes on to tell us,” We just rehearse the hell out of it and get it tight for recording.  Other songs come to the group as loose ideas and we put them through the meat grinder.  We will bounce ideas back and forth, sometimes revisiting these tunes for months to get them where we want them.” We asked him who does the writing of the lyrics, he said,” Our vocalist, Mitch, writes the bulk of the lyrics, and works to make them fit the songs.  The whole thing is a back and forth process to get everything to work together.

The recording process seems like it is alway the most difficult part of making a new album. But Tom said this one went pretty smooth, saying,” we knew it was going to be a hell of a lot of work from the beginning.  Basically, nothing is easy, so I don’t know what the hardest part was!  Tom said he was really hands-on with this album and he did a lot of the tracking for the guitars, bass, and vocals. He said on older albums, someone or himself would make the sessions go longer, and he ended up putting his head through a wall, but his time that didn’t happen….So BIG improvement there.!

“It’s a tie between the writing process, and hearing that final mix for the first time.  It’s really special when you get to hear an album for the first time the way it’s supposed to sound.  Plus, our producer Peter Rutcho just brings out the best in our sound,” told us when we asked Tom about what his favorite part of the recording process. Sometimes people like to change thing a bit when they hear the final product but Tom was truthful with us and told us,”Does anyone ever say they want to change their brand new album?  It wouldn’t be coming out if we weren’t one hundred percent happy with the end result!  This thing slays!

Sometimes people like to change thing a bit when they hear the final product but Tom was truthful with us and told us,”Does anyone ever say they want to change their brand new album?  It wouldn’t be coming out if we weren’t one hundred percent happy with the end result!  This thing slays! and I tend to agree with him on that point.

The album is one that you just have to get and check out, it will be out July 21st.! It is a screamer! And a little hint, They have begun on their next album, I guess it is never to soon to start a new one right?

Keep a look out for Tours and all the good shit coming, keep a look out Metal Heads \m/

1. Mechanical Synapse Modulations
2. Regurgitated and Consumed
3. Depravity’s Lock
4. Walled City
5. Mental Tourniquet
6. Echoes of Insanity
7. Dissolving into Obscurity
8. Decomposition
9. False Kingdom of Prophecy


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