Norwegian symphonic metal band Sirenia first tour and Headliner of North America 2017

Norwegian symphonic metal band Sirenia first tour and Headliner of North America 2017

IMG_0232AThe band formed in 2001 by Morten Veland who left Tristiana and has various female singers for this band. And 2016 release of Dim Days of Dolor with new singer Emmanuelle Zoldan, Johnathan Perez-drums, Jan Erilk-guitar. The band has made its debut performances at North America and as a headliner which was possible by the fans through the Go Fund me site and merchandise sales.  Before the show Morten says he expected to be opening up for a band but by the amount of funds they took the opportunity to go as a headliner.  

They came to Southern California on May 26, 2017 to the Echoplex at Los Angeles to perform 15 songs  their powers and quality symphonic songs that include 5 songs from the new album Dim Days Of Dolor  which are the title track, “Goddess of the Sea” Treasure n’ Treason”, “Ashes to Ashes” and “ Elusive Sun”.  Other songs from previous albums included: “Serpent”, “Lost In Life”, “My Destiny Coming to Pass”, and ending with fans favorite “The Other Side of Midnight” and “The Path to Decay”.  The band has gotten a well-received applause and many have been waiting for this band to come to the states.  The band is planning to release a new album for 2018 and to come back to North America as an opening band, a headliner or both.  IMG_0330A

Opening the show were three other bands that performed a diversity of music. The first band on was Sacramento, California’s Grave Shadow.  Heather Michelle- vocals, Roman Anderson-drums, William Lloyd Walker III-rhythm guitar, Aaron Robitsch-lead guitar and Benjamin Armstrong-bass gave 30 minute explosive set of their fast, melodic power meta that melodic keyboard melodies and operatic vocals songs opened for Sirenia on the western leg of the tour and are working on a new album.

The second band was Pennsylvania’s MindMaze with their hard melodic rock fronted by Sarah Teets on vocals, Rich Pasqualone – bass, Mark Bennet-drums and Jeff Teets-guitar during their 30 minute set of solid rock which after the show gained new fans at Los Angeles. This is band of this caliber of music with 3 albums was welcomed by the fans are working on new album to be released on Inner Wounds Recordings. Formed during 2012 and have supported Saxon and Armored Saint

The third was Russian Pagan/folk thrash metal Arkon who has a strong fan base and it showed by Russian fans with the Russian flag. During their 45 minute set the fans even if they don’t understand the language were headbanging and moshing during the set which the songs are growled by Masha in Russian. The musicians are Sergei-guitar, Rusian-bass, Andrey Ischenko-drums and Vladmir on various wind instruments (bag pipes, flute and whistle).  IMG_0341A

Overall the diversity of the bands all received positive support and gained new fans.


Review and pictures by Craig Newman

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