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Interview- Kobra of Kobra and The Lotus sheds light on new Album “Prevail” and “Prevail 2”

Kobra And The Lotus singer Kobra Paige talks briefly about the new album Prevail and Prevail 2 while on tour with Xandria across the USA

It’s been three years since Kobra And The Lotus‘ last studio album ‘High Preistess’ was released back in 2014. The time since has not been wasted, with their third album under their belt, and completing multiple tours worldwide (with the likes of Kamelot, Sonata Arctica and Demon Hunter to name a few), their path of self-discovery has led them to this most important moment in their career. Prevail I”, the band’s latest offering, is a rock juggernaut full of blistering guitars, pounding rhythms and haunting vocal melodies that will take the listener on a sonic journey leading them out from the darkness and into the light.

Produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Epica etc) and mastered by Grammy award winning Ted Jensen, and featuring the soon to be classic songs “You Don’t Know” and “Light Me Up” that will undoubtedly usher the band too much deserved elevated hard rock status. Evolution is inevitable and Kobra And The Lotus have delivered their most powerful album to date, PREVAIL I, with PREVAIL II to complete the story in the not too distant future…0R8A9081

Before the show, Kobra Paige took a short time to talk about the new album at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles on May 29, 2017.

IMM: On this new album you been working on for three years?

Kobra: We have not been working one for three years, we have not released one for three years. The album was written last spring in Denmark within one month’s time. A double album was written.

IMM: I read on the bands’ postings you wrote enough songs to write a double album and to new record label Napalm Records. And they decided to release Prevail as two separate albums. Did you agree with that?

Kobra: You know what it was a very, very smart decision. Their full-length albums, a lot of material and every song is different than the next. Prevail 2 is different than Prevail 1 and I think it was a very smart move and a lot of good things wouldn’t be appreciated if it had been released all at once, it would have been too much and too overwhelming.

IMM: The new song and third single “You Don’t Know”, I love that song and it sticks in my head. Listening to the song I take it as the perspective but different wording as “You’re speaking me so loud, I can’t hear you”.

Kobra: Wow! Those are powerful words

IMM: Basically, you’re speaking to me with all this information and can’t hear what you’re saying. Is that what the song is about?

Kobra: No, I mean if that is how you makes you feel then is how you should interpret it. It’s really about people not knowing where anyone came from, their backgrounds, and how they aren’t and a big mass of feeling miss of understanding. And people not listening to someone trying to say this is who I am.   

IMM: The album title Prevail, the wording meaning you’re pushing through obstacles. Is this where you wanted to go with this album?


Kobra: Absolutely! Both albums are to do with the human experiences, very venerable, and very truthfully written albums. Prevail was a title suggested by Brad Kennedy – Bass,  and was perfect for what I was also trying to do with the lyrics and in general for us as a band to make a statement. Even though it’s not easy for the path we chose we choosing to prevail on encourage other people to prevail on. Music is so powerful for people of the world.  If anyone is going to enjoy our music we want them to feel lifted up.

IMM: For the second part of the album will it be called Prevail 2?

Kobra: It is called Prevail 2

IMM: How many songs on that album?

Kobra: There are nine songs and going to be an acoustic and a cover.

IMM: Great! And when you do a ballad as you have done on previous albums are really good and let your vocal range expand which is good to show your variety.

Kobra: Thank you and I wasn’t really to show all of it before. But as I gotten older it’s important for me to super authentic as I learn more about myself. There are a couple ballads on the second one.

IMM: Okay, and don’t give anything away yet. And for this tour how is it going with Xandria?

Kobra: (Laughter), it’s been going great and has been a very successful tour with all the people who have shown up to the shows. And is there first headlining tour of North America I’m very proud of them because it’s been going very well. And the package that includes Once Human with Xandria, is very diverse and strong in different ways that I find people walking away from the shows that come for one of the bands, and they always walk out with new stuff they love from another band which I think is so cool just to find new things at every new show and that’s happening all the way through this tour. I think it’s been great and has been really easy to get along with everyone and everyone is really nice in both bands and fun. They’re great at what they do and I really enjoyed myself.

IMM: I am predicting it will happen that you will be headlining your own shows

Kobra: (Laughter) I hope and would be nice and at some point.

IMM: Yeah, at some point but sometimes being an opening band is kind of good because you can do other things while the headliner is on

Kobra: It’s good but gets irritating after about nine years you know? At this point, it’s tough for us to play thirty-minute sets. So direct support has been really nice for us and I think that it will be great for us to do and enjoy that and appreciated a lot now for how many times we come through some of these places. So is nice to play a little longer and thirty minutes is really tough to get your stuff out you know and convincing people in thirty minutes what you have. And I have to say personally I am getting sick of thirty-minute slots and didn’t happen until last year when I said hey I am getting tired of getting out there and getting warmed up before walking off.

IMM: I am going to enjoy your show and watching you tonight and always good talking to you.

Kobra: Good talking to you too.

Order “Prevail I” now:

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