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Dianne van Giersbergen of Xandria on the band’s first headline 2017 US tour for Theater Of Dimensions.

Dianne van Giersbergen of Xandria on the band’s first headline 2017 US tour for Theater Of Dimensions.


She had time before the show at the Regent Theater, Los Angeles, CA, May 29, 2017 to talk about how the decision was made to be a headliner.

IMM: It’s good to see you and finally meet you I person and loving this item. We talked on Skype a couple times

Dianne: Is good to see you and yes we have. Thank you and which is your favorite song?  Do you have one?

IMM: Yes, “We Are Murders”

Dianne: You like the brutal sounds?

IMM: It’s not the brutal; it’s the lyrics, the composition and in some ways we are murders. The band has toured the states several times usually as an opening act.

Dianne: You should say we’ve come to the states a few times before the band I was in played at Progpower, we’ve played the cruise 70 tons of metal two times and toured with Sonata Arctica with Delain. We did that and that was a long tour like six or 7 weeks or something, really long. And that’s it so were still quite new. Luckily it has not been hurting the turn outs we’ve been having

IMM: You do have a fan base here at the states and especially at Latin America as well. For this tour when it came up in the meetings with the label and management, were you expecting to come back to the states as opening band or did they pull trigger and lets go as headliner?

Dianne:  Well, we had the chance to support but when the chance to headline came up with Trevor our US booking agent address this and said hey guys we can actually try this and there a lot of promoters will to go with it. We just took our chances and said if he convinced and maybe we should just go ahead and see where it all ends up. I think the result is only positive. You’re here (Laughter) and a lot of people have come already and looking to see more happy faces in the audience tonight

IMM: Is there anything planned or what like to do as headliner such as stage effects? If it could be done what would like to have like special lighting effects

Dianne: For us it’s little bit difficult because my voice is very well trained not fragile but can get hurt and I don’t want that. For example stage smoke is something we rather not use because it dehydrates and sometimes I have a allergic reaction which causes huge problems so we have to take care of that.  We are looking into ways do it

IMM: With lighting and backgrounds?

Dianne: Yeah, in a different way and who knows (laughter) and consider confetti  at certain point

IMM: Balloons?

Dianne: (Laughter) Balloons

IMM: Balloons with the band’s name on them or a stuffed animal like a carnival atmosphere?

Dianne: You know what would be great? Balloons with guitar picks inside and everyone who catches a balloon gets a present

IMM: There you go and something to keep in mind for the next tour and when you tour Europe you can try it there. Talk to your manager and I will remind you of that.

Dianne: Let me keep it in mind and someone else can’t steal it because it’s my idea (Laughter)

IMM: The last times I talked to you was about the EP (Fire & Ashes) and this album.  I want to talk about the EP where everybody loves the cover of the Meatloaf song “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)”. I remember talking to you about this, as doing it as theatrical production or performance. Is that something the band might still consider doing?

Dianne: I don’t think it’s very realistic we can do something like that in the near future. I can envision us doing it to the music certainly if it is the last song if it’s the album again. But just in general the songs are overly theatrical and on a personal level I did my fare share of opera studies and engaged in theater classes so I can defiantly see that. I don’t know how the boys would pull it off being actors (Laughter)

IMM: Actually, you can do it for a video production not have you in it but use your vocals through the PA system do a video for this song

Dianne:  I know and there a lot of companies starting up as video game companies and we’ve been in contact with a few who have asked us to use our music

IMM: Back to the new album and the song for the new single “Call of Destiny” when you were wearing the armor when it was minus two degree Celsius

Dianne: No, it was even colder I think minus ten

IMM: Who thought of this to put out there is the cold

Dianne: Obviously the people not wearing the armor and not having to go outside. I won’t say any names but I hope they hear this interview and say yeah it was bit cold. At the end of the day I couldn’t feel my hands anymore

IMM: On this tour has any of it been filmed that might be used for promotions

Dianne: We ourselves have been filming a few clips and not the whole show and there is no official live DVD coming out

IMM: Or to release another song or the same single with a live version

Dianne:  We are considering releasing another video for the Theater of Dimensions album. Not a live video or any of the songs we play tonight. We deliberately chose one of the songs we did not do yet

IMM: Speaking of shows and going over the set list are their songs the band wanted to perform or not perform within a certain time frame?

Dianne: The set list is made by Steven Wussow-bass and me. Steven makes every set list and I go over it to see if it doable vocal wise. For example, the songs like “Voyage Of The Fallen” and “Stardust” should not be next to each one another because they both have a very high chorus and I need a song in between to dive into the low part again to get a little bit of rest and ready for another high chorus. Stuff like that is very important. We switched “Euphoria” or another way around for “Blood On My Hands” for “Euphoria”

IMM: So “Blood On My Hands” is not on the set list? Just wanted to make sure

Dianne: I like “Euphoria” a little bit better and match my voice a little bit more and Blood for me I think a male singer would be good singing it at the key it is now in. For soprano is a bit uncomfortable as it sits on the vocal break

IMM: You had to chose how many songs from the new album and from the previous albums and how many from the album?

Dianne: Yes, six new ones out of fifteen songs. These are not deliberately the favorite songs from the new album. Of course we will play “Call Of Destiny” as it is the single as well “Where The Heart Is Home” because it’s such a epic opener and I think those two will be there for the whole time frame for Theater Of Dimensions and the others we might just mingle. The next set list will be very different again.

IMM: Can you talk to about “We are Murders”?  Because it has that chant that gets stuck in your head

Dianne: The lyrics are very repetitive and purposely done so the audience can sing a long more easily you know and easy to remember.

IMM: Is there a reference to the song?

Dianne: The lyrics are written by Marco and is a very humanitarian topic and that we have to open our eyes and see that we are all busy destroying the earth. Maybe not for our grand children but for their grand children and we have to open up and see we all have to work together rather than destroy

IMM: It is fantastic the band has come back and as a headliner and there will be more. And finally meeting you and talking to you. And to hear more music from you that has quality arrangements, a fantastic voice, and songs you cannot get burnt out on

Dianne: Thank you so much

IMM: Thanks for your time

Interview by Craig Newman

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