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Interview- Sweden’s Liv “Sin” Jagrell the ex lead vocalist of Sister Sin is back. !



Liv Sin

From the gutters of south Sweden, Liv ”Sin” Jagrell emerged as a major force as the vocalist for hard rockers Sister Sin. Throughout their thirteen year career, Sister Sin sold thousands of albums and toured the world with high profile acts including the likes of Slayer and King Diamond on the Rockstar Mayhem festival tour, as well as being a part of the Revolver magazine ”Hottest Chicks in Metal” tour, amongst others.  Sister Sin toured relentlessly for over a decade across Europe and North America garnering an intensely loyal following of rockers that craved the band’s aggressive and melodic brand of hard rock.


When Sister Sin called it quits at the end of 2015, Liv knew that she had much more to give to her fans. From this, LIV SIN was born. Liv searched the Swedish landscape for a new band that could help her create a new collection of songs that show the power, sexiness, and attitude that Liv is known for.

The sultry Swede is back to take a second shot in a game where a first chance is seemingly next to impossible to get these days. And as she puts it:  “I’m just here to get back on a stage and get the new music out to the fans. It’s that simple.

She talks about her new band called LIV SIN with a new album Follow Me that has the 80’s Heavy Metal “go for the throat” sound

Interview by Craig Newman

IMM:  Hi Liv, is great to talk to you and I have been listening to this album and is full bore go for your throat metal.  

Liv: Absolutely, I love playing metal

IMM: How many songs did you and your band mates write for this album and of those did you want to put on the album?

Liv: We recorded two more that are on not on album

IMM:  So about thirteen or fourteen songs?

Liv: Yeah, exactly

IMM: Are the band mates on this album going to be the same you will perform with?

Liv: Yes, absolutely. I at the very beginning I was very clear that I don’t want to be solo artist with hire guns, I wanted a band. So I picked my band mates (Patrick Ankermark –Guitars, Chris Bertzell –Guitars, Tommie Winther –Bass,Per Bjelovuk –Drums) very carefully and we are all contributing and working in the company and the band are equally. So they are playing with me live too

IMM:  The songs on this album, are any brought over from Sister Sin or completely new?

Liv:  These are completely new and I wasn’t happy with the song writing with Sister Sin so these are completely new

IMM: Okay, because the one song on the album: “Let Me Out” has the sound of Sister Sin

Liv: Absolutely, it has that and of one of the reasons why we released it as the first single so Sister Sin fans can feel little comfortable with the new sound and new band. So it is why it has a Sister Sin vibe to it but not a Sister Sin song. It is a brand new song written by guitar player Patrick Ankermark who writes the songs with me

IMM:  And for the performances will be playing just the songs from this album?

Liv: Yes, and one or two Sister Sin songs for the fans and I have to do that because the people will ask for it and would not be nice of me to not do that.  And I play for the fans and is the reason I can stand on the stage is because of the fans, so of course I will play some Sister Sin songs

IMM: So the majority of the songs will be from this album?

Liv: Yes something like that. We start with not a very long live show since this is the first record and would be boring just to play the one record. So we will pick the best ones and play some Sister Sin songs and we do about forty five minutes

IMM: Right now are you rehearsing for some shows at Sweden?

Liv: Yes, actually we have our first show this weekend this Friday at Gothenburg and Oslo, Norway on Saturday. So we will keep doing Scandinavian shows and festivals this summer and we are working for a longer tour for Europe this fall and have Spain confirmed and working around that.

IMM:  And opening up for other bands?

Liv: I hope for that too, as of now we are booked for some headline shows. My goal is to get a support slot for a bigger band because it’s better to reach more people. I really would like that.

IMM: Any plans for next year for the U.S., Latin America, and Asia?

Liv: We are thinking and working on America because we feel we need to come over and is difficult with visas and costs a lot. But we hope to make it over to America next year.

IMM: The song you cover “Immortal Sin” from Rob Halfords other band Fight were there other songs you wanted to cover or just this song?

Liv: No, it was that song actually because I like the riff a lot and I feel it is a forgotten song and his Fight albums are forgotten. I like that song in particular and with the groove with that riff. I thought be a cool one and actually producer Stefan Kaufman (Ex Accept, Ex Udo) said why don’t you cover it and would be cool song to cover. So we tried it out and we liked how it turned out.

IMM: You did a phenomenal job with it

Liv: Thank you

IMM:  Will there be another video release for this album and maybe for “Immortal Sin”?

Liv: It was released yesterday, May 3 (Laughter). And maybe another video later this year for another song.

IMM: Your friend Jyrki from the band The 69 Eyes also sings on “Immortal Sin”?

Liv: Yes, he sings in deep Elvis kind of way which I felt suited this song very well for the lower parts and turned out pretty good.

IMM: This album I call it is “go for your throat metal” and this album will do well and the shows will be fantastic. And was good talking to you.

Liv: Thank you, bye

Check out LIV SIN online at:

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  1. I loved Sister Sin so much. Glad to see she’s back!


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