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‘Weezer’ The Kings Of St. Augustine.

It started out rocking and rolling in St. Augustine Florida at the St. Augustine Amphitheater, but it wasn’t the bands that were making the thundering sounds. It was the small Florida thunderstorm that opened up just before showtime that got the show to a roaring start. The Pauses had to go on “Pause” tell the mini storm flew through the amphitheatre, it was only a 10-minute delay so it wasn’t too bad and that much of a problem.


The Pauses came out on stage to thunderous applause by the early concert-goers that braved the downpour of rain, But the rain didn’t ruin the great vibe The Pauses were giving on stage. The Pauses are a three piece band from Orlando: Tierney Tough on bass and vocals, Jason Kupfer guitar and electronics and drummer Nathan Chase.The band members grew up listening to 1990’s rock, and at some of their gigs they’ll pick a year from the 90’s and play songs from that year. The band did a great job of warming up the rain-soaked crowd with their infectious style of their music that fit well with the headliner Weezer. The delay from the rain did not seem to dampen their energy on stage.

Weezer Photo Gallery

Weezer was up next and the crowd was more than ready for them to hit the stage.  The lights dimmed, the crowd cheered and whistled as they rose to their feet. The band strolled out to the stage, River, Pat, Scott and brian hit the stage running with starting off the show with ‘California Kids’ that brought the fans to excitement smiles for miles. Weezer always seems to bring the energy on stage, and this night was no different. River vocals are always on point and Scott’s bass playing is stellar, which bring out the best in Pat and Brian playing. The band never misses a beat and tonight wasn’t any different. Highlights of the show were when they band played “King Of The World/Only In Deams” with River in a king cap and crown throughout the song, which made the song a little more interesting, to say the least. The show ended with a huge crowd favourite “Say It Ait So“, Where the packed house sang loud and proud, enough to drown out River and the band singing it. Check the Video below


All and all. Weezer is the King of St. Augustine Amphitheater and puts on one hell of a show everytime they come into town. So next time..DON’T MISS IT !!


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