Ignite Music Magazine- Interview w/ Brad Walst of Three Days Grace at Rockville!

Ignite Music Magazine- Interview w/ Brad Walst of Three Days Grace at Rockville!

Three Day Grace has been around the block for over 20 years and they know how to rock the hell out for a place. And that is just what they did at Welcome To Rockville in Jacksonville Florida this past weekend. Welcome to Rockville kicks off the Worlds Loudest Month, and by the sounds of it, they kicked it off with some heavy hitters like Three Days Grace. By the look of the crowd they had in front of the Monster Energy Main Stage where they played, TDwasre a crowd favorite, the huge crowd packed into Metro Park like a bunch red sunburnt dirty sardine to witness some of the greatest rock and roll music you could pack into one place.

Matt Walst, Barry Stock, Neil Sanderson and Brad Walst blew the massive crowd into a frenzy of dust, circle and mosh pits that went from the time they hit the stage to the time they hit the bus. This is certainly not their first festival, but they played like it was their last. They hit every song they play like it was the first time playing it in front of a crowd, hitting songs like “I am Machine” the massive hit ” The Good Live” all the way to “Riot”, which the fans looked like they were doing in the mosh pit.

Matt was nice enough to sit down with us before their set to talk about touring, writing and family. He did hit about a possible new album coming as well. He also talked about how Matt was just the perfect choice for the new front man position that has been going on for more the 5 years now. See interview below.

Three Days Grace is out on tour now supporting Human, Go check them out.



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